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As a Youth Leaders Only-Team interlinc member every three months you get the best new Christian music available. Sure, some of those albums are easily labeled "worship". But when we looked deeper, we discovered that there are great singable songs sprinkled throughout the other pop/rock albums... songs that would work great with a youth worship band. So now we identify the best praise songs from ALL the albums in each quarterly YLO... and with the publisher's permissions we provide just for our members guitar chord charts for those songs. Use them well!

Song Title Artist Theme Featured In
Building 429 Hope YLO113
Building 429 God's:Promise YLO113
downhere Love:Sacrificial YLO64
Various Artists Adoption YLO90
The City Harmonic Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO93
The Myriad Love YLO72
Stellar Kart Worship:Praise YLO59
The Myriad YLO72
Integrity Devotion:Seeking God YLO100
Matt Maher God's:Faithfulness YLO100
Jared Anderson God's:Provision YLO90
Stellar Kart Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO65
Brenton Brown Humility YLO76
Matthew Parker Optimism YLO106
Matthew Parker Perspective YLO106
Matthew Parker Positive Attitude YLO106
Rend Collective Brokenness YLO93
Rebecca St. James Joy YLO62
The Katinas Salvation
Ayiesha Woods God's:Love YLO74
Planetshakers Jesus:Lordship YLO101
Remedy Drive Satisfaction YLO73
Remedy Drive Grace YLO105
Remedy Drive Thankfulness YLO105
Fee Dependence YLO71
Fee Jesus' Sacrifice YLO71
Matt Redman Eternity:Eternal Life YLO109
Matt Redman Worship:Thanksgiving YLO109
Matt Redman God's:Attributes YLO109
Phil Wickham Surrender YLO86
MIKESCHAIR Thankfulness YLO96
Switchfoot God's:Love YLO114
Ashes Remain God's:Sufficiency YLO110
Rhett Walker Band God's:Sufficiency YLO89
Stellar Kart Commitment YLO93
Matthew West Fear:Of Failure YLO109
Matthew West Confidence:In Christ YLO109
Matthew West Commitment YLO109
MercyMe Worship YLO81
Ashes Remain Submission YLO110
Leeland Victory YLO87
The Afters Sanctification YLO60
Rend Collective Submission YLO96
Colton Dixon God's:Care YLO107
Brandon Grissom YLO97
Integrity Worship YLO100
Seacoast Worship Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO105
David Crowder Band
Casting Crowns God's:Plan YLO86
Tree 63 YLO70
Casting Pearls God's:Provision YLO62
Switchfoot Love:For God YLO78
Building 429 God's:Sufficiency YLO113
Building 429 God's:Sufficiency YLO113
Rhett Walker Band God's:Victory YLO98
Integrity God's:Presence YLO100
Dave Barnes Love:Romantic YLO81
Hillsong United Jesus' Sacrifice YLO115
Hillsong United God's:Protection YLO115
Hillsong United Jesus:Lordship YLO115
Rachel Chan YLO87
Matt Maher Joy YLO109
Matt Maher God's:Promise YLO109
Matt Maher Peace YLO109
Matt Maher God's:Will YLO72
Hillsong United God's:Forgiveness YLO115
Hillsong United God's:Love YLO115
Pocket Full Of Rocks YLO69
Integrity Restoration YLO100
Worth Dying For Obedience YLO74
Know Hope Collective God's:Leading YLO83
Pillar Eternity YLO66
Martin Smith Praise YLO92
Salvador Submission YLO72
Lanae Hale Peace:Spiritual YLO76
Martin Smith Renewal YLO92
Me In Motion Reconciliation YLO79
Integrity God's:Leading YLO100
The Afters God's:Protection YLO105
Joel Engle Family:Parents YLO59
Robert Pierre Worship:Call To YLO85
Finding Favour Conviction YLO101
Natalie Grant Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO102
Hillsong Worship Difficulties:Comfort in YLO111
Hillsong Worship God's:Presence YLO111
Hillsong Worship Peace:Spiritual YLO111
The City Harmonic Worship YLO86
MercyMe Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO81
Andy Kirk God's:Glory YLO85
MercyMe Self:Identity in Christ YLO81
Jamie Grace Attitude YLO95
Leeland Worship:Praise YLO65
Gungor Renewal YLO83
Plumb Shame YLO112
Plumb Brokenness YLO112
Plumb Regret YLO112
Matt Maher Confidence:In Christ YLO100
Phil Wickham Jesus' Sacrifice YLO79
Rush Of Fools God's:Eternal Nature YLO87
Brandon Heath Worship YLO99
Audio Adrenaline Trust YLO92
Iron Bell Music Fear YLO109
Iron Bell Music Faith:Assurance YLO109
Here Be Lions God's:Protection YLO112
Iron Bell Music Satan/Occult YLO109
Here Be Lions God's:Promise YLO112
Jordan Feliz God's:Love YLO103
Mission Six Double-Minded YLO76
Remedy Drive Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO105
Tobymac Faith YLO101
Shonlock Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO95
For All Seasons God's:Character YLO110
For All Seasons Strength YLO110
For All Seasons Truth YLO110
Deas Vail Servanthood YLO80
Jason Gray God's:Blessing YLO67
Revive Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO81
Ledger Zeal YLO114
Ledger Faith YLO114
Ledger Determination YLO114
Cory Asbury Restoration YLO111
Cory Asbury Salvation YLO111
Newsboys Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO81
Cory Asbury Surrender YLO111
Newsboys Surrender:Submission to Christ YLO81
Seacoast Worship Freedom YLO105
Ronnie Freeman Repentance YLO73
Ronnie Freeman Sin:Repentance YLO73
Robert Pierre Priorities YLO76
MercyMe Glorifying God YLO64
The Afters Difficulties:Hope within YLO92
Matthew West Confidence:In Christ YLO109
Matthew West Availability YLO109
Matthew West Brokenness YLO109
The Brilliance Forgiveness YLO100
Newsboys God's:Forgiveness YLO81
Know Hope Collective Missions YLO83
Rend Collective Jesus:Lordship YLO93
Citizen Way God's:Protection YLO102
John Tibbs Courage YLO104
MercyMe Trust YLO96
for KING and COUNTRY God's:Forgiveness YLO90
Hillsong United YLO65
The Fifth Service Worship:Praise YLO103
Finding Favour Confidence:In Christ YLO101
Tim Timmons Confidence:In Christ YLO93
Zach Williams Brokenness YLO106
Zach Williams Regeneration (New Life) YLO106
Sanctus Real Change YLO111
Sanctus Real Growth YLO111
Sanctus Real Renewal YLO111
Bethel Music Love:For God YLO94
Ryan Stevenson Needy People YLO112
Ryan Stevenson God's:Protection YLO112
Ryan Stevenson God's:Care YLO112
Steven Curtis Chapman Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO70
Phil Wickham Victory YLO104
Revive Worship:Praise YLO76
Telecast Commitment YLO62
Manic Drive Devotion YLO78
Sanctus Real Worship YLO57
Jeremy Hartshorn God's:Intimacy YLO89
Kari Jobe God's:Holiness YLO107
Kari Jobe God's:Pursuit YLO107
After Edmund Hope YLO71
Paige Armstrong Dreams and Desires YLO79
Jason Fowler Holy Spirit:Filled YLO103
Lauren Daigle Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO100
Sixteen Cities Self:Examination YLO80
Jamie Grace God's:Sufficiency YLO86
Third Day Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO62
Kutless Submission YLO73
John Elefante Confession YLO94
Sanctus Real Confidence:In Christ YLO111
Sanctus Real Faith YLO111
Sanctus Real Zeal YLO111
Hawk Nelson Dependence YLO99
Rend Collective Faith YLO110
Rend Collective God's:Blessing YLO110
Superchick Difficulties:Hope within YLO73
Newsboys Zeal YLO102
Switchfoot Self-Confidence YLO87
Kristian Stanfill God's:Faithfulness YLO83
Remedy Drive Hope YLO105
Remedy Drive Hope YLO73
North Point InsideOut God's:Grace YLO108
North Point InsideOut Salvation YLO108
North Point InsideOut Freedom YLO108
Lincoln Brewster Faith YLO111
Lincoln Brewster God's:Love YLO111
Lincoln Brewster Love:For God YLO111
Bluetree Eternity:Eternal Life YLO88
The Gray Havens Revival YLO104
Delirious Revival YLO59
Micah Tyler Salvation YLO110
Micah Tyler Faithfulness YLO110
Micah Tyler Grief:Comfort In YLO110
Jamie Grace Perspective YLO95
Integrity Faith:When Weak YLO100
Holly Starr Worldliness YLO89
Mainstay Worldliness YLO70
Todd Agnew Words,Power of YLO69
Phil Wickham Worship:Call To YLO104
Bluetree Worship:Praise YLO97
Casting Crowns Forgiveness YLO69
Building 429 Surrender YLO74
Cory Asbury Priorities YLO111
Cory Asbury Worship:Praise YLO111
Cory Asbury Heaven YLO111
Integrity Worship YLO100
Elias Dummer Confidence:In Christ YLO114
Tricia Contentment YLO93
Elias Dummer Salvation YLO114
Elias Dummer Forgiveness YLO114
Leeland God's:Presence YLO71
We Are Leo Zeal YLO98
Jeff Deyo God's:Eternal Nature YLO90
MercyMe Faith YLO107
MercyMe Faith:Within Trials YLO107
MercyMe Conviction YLO107
Micah Tyler Courage YLO110
Aaron Shust God's:Love YLO108
Aaron Shust Worship:Praise YLO108
Matt Brouwer Commitment YLO88
Hawk Nelson Brokenness YLO92
Rend Collective God's:Love YLO106
Rend Collective Forgiveness YLO106
Curt Anderson Trust YLO102
Big Daddy Weave God's:Presence YLO66
Lincoln Brewster Faith:Within Trials YLO111
Pillar Discipleship:Cost of YLO66
Tobymac God's:Plan YLO113
Lincoln Brewster God's:Love YLO111
Pillar Confidence,False:In Self YLO66
Tobymac God's:Presence YLO113
Lincoln Brewster God's:Strength YLO111
Tobymac God's:Worksmanship YLO113
Fee Difficulties:Hope within YLO78
David Crowder Band God's:Glory YLO77
John Tibbs God's:Provision YLO104
Jason Gray Submission YLO67
Shane and Shane God's:Love YLO78
Stellar Kart New Life In Christ YLO80
Bluetree Worship:Praise YLO88
Deas Vail Salvation YLO80
Wayne Kerr Band Worship:Praise YLO88
Jordan Feliz Faith YLO110
Shane and Shane Faith YLO93
Ryan Stevenson Faithfulness YLO112
Integrity God's:Faithfulness YLO100
Ryan Stevenson Commitment YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Determination YLO112
Kari Jobe Renewal YLO107
Kari Jobe Holy Spirit:Filled YLO107
Iron Bell Music Praise YLO109
Iron Bell Music Thankfulness YLO109
Iron Bell Music Worship YLO109
Building 429 Courage YLO63
Jasmine Murray Confidence:In Christ YLO112
Jasmine Murray Courage YLO112
Jasmine Murray Fear YLO112
Building 429 Confidence:In Christ YLO63
Building 429 Evangelism:Witnessing YLO63
Abandon Commitment YLO84
Addison Road Motivation YLO81
Addison Road Persecution YLO81
Anthem Lights Faith:Assurance YLO95
Michael Farren Peace YLO114
Michael Farren God's:Presence YLO114
Michael Farren Courage YLO114
Switchfoot Hope YLO106
Switchfoot Satisfaction YLO106
Switchfoot Zeal YLO106
Jesus Culture God's:Power YLO108
Jesus Culture God's:Glory YLO108
Leeland Commitment YLO78
Leeland Servanthood YLO78
Anthem Lights Obedience YLO95
Decemberadio Worship:Call To YLO73
Fireflight Depression YLO72
Aaron Shust God's:Greatness YLO77
Crowder Reconciliation YLO106
Sanctus Real Forgiveness YLO80
Crowder Forgiveness YLO106
Crowder Grace YLO106
The Fifth Service Security YLO103
Coffey Anderson Freedom:In Christ YLO82
Roger Williams Self:Identity in Christ YLO83
Iron Bell Music Child of God YLO109
Iron Bell Music Salvation YLO109
Iron Bell Music Restoration YLO109
Vota Grace YLO75
Jesus Culture Renewal YLO108
Jesus Culture Revival YLO108
Integrity God's:Care YLO100
Paul Wright Sin:Forgiveness of YLO62
Julian Drive Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO75
John Mark McMillan Love:For God YLO96
Hillsong United God's:Plan YLO107
Hillsong United Difficulties:Hope within YLO107
Hillsong United Holy Spirit:Empowerment YLO107
Future of Forestry Love:For God YLO67
Petree Forgiveness YLO77
MercyMe Holy Spirit:Filled YLO107
MercyMe Transformation YLO107
MercyMe Holy Spirit:Empowerment YLO107
The Gray Havens Evangelism YLO104
Elevation Worship YLO91
Royal Tailor Faith YLO94
Housefires God's:Character YLO107
Jeremy Camp Worship:Thanksgiving YLO66
Peace:Spiritual YLO83
Hillsong United Hope YLO107
Hillsong United Faith YLO107
Hillsong United God's:Love YLO107
Brenton Brown God's:Greatness YLO84
Newsboys Worship:Praise YLO76
Iron Bell Music God's:Glory YLO113
Iron Bell Music God's:Promise YLO113
Iron Bell Music God's:Worksmanship YLO113
Fee God's:Glory YLO78
Jason Gray Perseverance:Endurance YLO104
Cloverton Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO94
Anadara Faith YLO67
Anadara Obedience YLO67
Dave Barnes God's:Plan YLO81
Dave Barnes Relationships YLO81
Jamie Grace Self:Identity in Christ YLO86
Plumb Faith YLO112
Plumb Fear YLO112
Plumb Surrender YLO112
Cloverton Holiness:Christlikeness YLO94
Holly Starr God's:Greatness YLO102
BridgeCity God's:Attributes YLO92
Shane and Shane YLO99
Aaron Shust God's:Provision YLO94
Aaron Shust YLO108
Salvador Hope YLO92
Phil Wickham God's:Plan YLO86
Lincoln Brewster God's:Strength YLO111
Lincoln Brewster Trust YLO111
Lincoln Brewster God's:Attributes YLO111
Chris Tomlin God's:Attributes YLO74
Bluetree Change YLO75
for KING and COUNTRY Suicide YLO112
Hillsong Worship Salvation YLO111
Hillsong Worship Self:Identity in Christ YLO111
Hillsong Worship Jesus' Sacrifice YLO111
Ronnie Freeman God's:Pursuit YLO73
Iron Bell Music Redemption YLO109
Iron Bell Music Brokenness YLO109
Iron Bell Music Salvation YLO109
MercyMe Salvation YLO70
MercyMe Humility YLO111
MercyMe Jesus:Incarnation YLO111
MercyMe God's:Glory YLO111
Here Be Lions God's:Forgiveness YLO112
Here Be Lions Holiness:Sanctification YLO112
Here Be Lions Forgiveness YLO112
Bluetree God's:Goodness YLO97
Chris Tomlin God's:Attributes YLO106
Chris Tomlin God's:Provision YLO106
Chris Tomlin God's:Love YLO106
Bethel Music God's:Greatness YLO114
Bethel Music God's:Faithfulness YLO114
Bethel Music God's:Goodness YLO114
Martin Smith God's:Grace YLO94
Rush Of Fools Grace YLO87
Gateway Worship Grace YLO103
Matt Redman Worship:Praise YLO109
Matt Redman Brokenness YLO109
Matt Redman Honesty:Sincerity YLO109
Circleslide Salvation:Redemption YLO65
Martin Smith Freedom YLO115
Martin Smith God's:Glory YLO115
Martin Smith Worship:Praise YLO115
All Sons and Daughters God's:Greatness YLO96
Martin Smith God's:Faithfulness YLO94
Planetshakers God's:Love YLO91
Matt Maher God's:Greatness YLO72
MercyMe God's:Presence YLO111
MercyMe Grace YLO111
MercyMe Self:Identity in Christ YLO111
MercyMe Faith:Assurance YLO96
Matt Redman God's:Glory YLO109
Matt Redman Heaven:Longing For YLO109
Matt Redman Worship:Call To YLO109
Hillsong United Jesus' Sacrifice YLO107
Hillsong United Self:Sacrifice YLO107
Hillsong United Love YLO107
Newsboys God's:Greatness YLO115
Tenth Avenue North Worship:Praise YLO72
Jesus Culture God's:Revelation YLO108
Jesus Culture Worship YLO108
Danny Gokey God's:Plan YLO115
Danny Gokey Forgiveness YLO115
Danny Gokey Prodigal YLO115
Group1Crew God's:Promise YLO90
Hawk Nelson
Kari Jobe Healing YLO107
Kari Jobe Redemption YLO107
Tenth Avenue North Sin:Confessions of YLO80
Hillsong Young - Free Hope YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free Renewal YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free Restoration YLO113
John Mark McMillan Love:For God YLO96
Elias Dummer Worship:Praise YLO114
Lincoln Brewster Determination YLO97
Elias Dummer Devotion:Seeking God YLO114
Elias Dummer Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO114
Paul Wright Heaven YLO62
Paul Wright Heaven:Longing For YLO62
Stars Go Dim YLO115
downhere Commitment YLO74
downhere Missions YLO74
David Crowder Band Jesus YLO77
Newsboys Worship YLO86
MercyMe God's:Presence YLO111
MercyMe Love:For God YLO111
MercyMe Submission YLO111
Lanae Hale Commitment YLO76
Skillet Salvation YLO78
Newsboys Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO102
For All Seasons Perspective YLO110
For All Seasons Trust YLO110
For All Seasons Faith YLO110
Worth Dying For Jesus' Sacrifice YLO88
Gateway Worship God's:Love YLO103
Hillsong Young - Free God's:Goodness YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free God's:Mercy YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free God's:Presence YLO113
Tauren Wells God's:Presence YLO107
Tauren Wells God's:Grace YLO107
Tauren Wells Difficulties:Hope within YLO107
Group1Crew God's:Love YLO90
Brenton Brown YLO84
Superchick Fear YLO73
Jamie Grace God's:Love YLO86
Day of Fire Sin:Consequences of YLO65
Brenton Brown Glorifying God YLO76
Curt Anderson God's:Holiness YLO102
Iron Bell Music Commitment YLO113
Iron Bell Music God's:Intimacy YLO113
Iron Bell Music Worship:Praise YLO113
Nate Sallie Holy Spirit YLO68
Leeland Submission YLO78
Tim Timmons Courage YLO93
Chris Tomlin Heaven:Longing For YLO106
Chris Tomlin Hope:In God YLO106
The Katinas God's:Forgiveness YLO85
Chris Tomlin Forgiveness YLO106
Manic Drive Hope YLO78
John Tibbs Hope YLO104
Integrity Worship YLO100
Jon Foreman God's:Care YLO75
Chris Tomlin Worship YLO66
Lauren Daigle God's:Grace YLO100
Integrity God's:Love YLO100
Leeland Glorifying God YLO65
Shonlock Brokenness YLO95
Newsboys Humility YLO86
BarlowGirl Doubt YLO69
Joel Engle Self:Identity in Christ YLO68
Flatfoot 56 Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO114
Flatfoot 56 Faith YLO114
Flatfoot 56 Determination YLO114
Building 429 Love:For God YLO63
MercyMe God's:Kingdom YLO111
MercyMe Heaven:Longing For YLO111
MercyMe Hope:In God YLO111
Planetshakers YLO115
BarlowGirl Discipleship YLO69
Jason Fowler Surrender YLO103
The City Harmonic Heaven YLO86
Starfield Servanthood YLO87
Tobymac God's:Sufficiency YLO113
Tobymac God's:Protection YLO113
BarlowGirl God's:Love YLO62
David Dunn Child of God YLO107
David Dunn Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO107
David Dunn Renewal YLO107
Citizen Way God's:Faithfulness YLO102
By The Tree Commitment YLO66
Elizabeth South Trust YLO87
Tree 63 God's:Love YLO102
Jimmy Needham Grace YLO88
Todd Agnew Faithfulness YLO69
Kutless Worship:Call To YLO95
Newsboys God's:Provision YLO76
Newsboys Dependence YLO76
Newsboys God's:Sufficiency YLO76
Newworldson God's:Protection YLO80
Newworldson God's:Love YLO80
Martin Smith Difficulties:Hope within YLO115
Martin Smith God's:Provision YLO115
Bluetree Jesus' Sacrifice YLO97
Cory Lamb Thankfulness YLO86
Nevertheless Commitment YLO75
Fireflight God's:Faithfulness YLO65
Chris Tomlin Jesus:Name YLO106
Chris Tomlin Salvation YLO106
Chris Tomlin Jesus:Life YLO106
33 Miles God's:Presence YLO74
Bluetree God's:Healing YLO88
planetboom God's:Greatness YLO115
planetboom Worship YLO115
planetboom God's:Glory YLO115
This Beautiful Republic Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO68
Housefires Worship YLO107
Bluetree Healing YLO97
for KING and COUNTRY Optimism YLO112
for KING and COUNTRY Positive Attitude YLO112
for KING and COUNTRY Joy YLO112
Tenth Avenue North Complacency YLO98
Planetshakers Salvation:the Gospel YLO101
Curt Anderson Reconciliation YLO102
The Afters God's:Presence YLO71
Roger Williams Faith:Assurance YLO83
Nicole C. Mullen YLO84
Audio Adrenaline Compassion YLO92
Holly Starr Faith YLO89
Big Daddy Weave Worship YLO66
Andy Kirk Justice YLO85
Planetshakers Worship:Praise YLO91
Pocket Full Of Rocks Submission YLO69
Pocket Full Of Rocks Worship:Call To YLO69
Elevation Worship Worship YLO98
Press Play Holiness:Christlikeness YLO76
The Afters Redemption YLO82
Ryan Stevenson Determination YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Faithfulness YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Glorifying God YLO112
The Royal Royal YLO94
for KING and COUNTRY Faith YLO90
Stephen Christian Compassion YLO109
Stephen Christian Grace YLO109
Stephen Christian God's:Forgiveness YLO109
Robert Pierre God's:Love YLO85
The Afters God's:Presence YLO82
Thousand Foot Krutch Zeal YLO109
Thousand Foot Krutch Glorifying God YLO109
Thousand Foot Krutch Revival YLO109
Desperation Band Unbelief YLO78
After Edmund God's:Sufficiency YLO71
Planetshakers God's:Power YLO91
Press Play Testimony YLO93
downhere Giving/Offering YLO64
Switchfoot Positive Attitude YLO106
Switchfoot Zeal YLO106
Switchfoot Inspiration YLO106
The Afters Eternity:Eternal Life YLO105
Phil Wickham Salvation YLO113
Phil Wickham Hope:In God YLO113
Phil Wickham God's:Plan YLO113
Joel Engle Self:Identity in Christ YLO59
Demon Hunter Loneliness YLO115
Decemberadio God's:Faithfulness YLO73
Lauren Daigle God's:Sovereignty YLO113
Lauren Daigle Perspective YLO113
Lauren Daigle Suffering YLO113
The Museum Discipleship:Cost of YLO81
Joel Engle God's:Greatness YLO59
Circleslide Worship YLO82
Tauren Wells Zeal YLO107
Tauren Wells Love:Sacrificial YLO107
Tauren Wells Evangelism YLO107
Tenth Avenue North Jesus:Life YLO72
Rhett Walker Band Evangelism:Love for Pre-Christians YLO98
WorshipMOB God's:Love YLO99
Worship:Praise YLO83
Nate Sallie Love:For God YLO68
Skillet Memories YLO78
Sanctus Real God's:Character YLO64
Building 429 God's:Greatness YLO68
Brandon Bee Worship YLO84
Desperation Band God's:Love YLO98
Echoing Angels God's:Love YLO67
The City Harmonic Jesus:Return (Second Coming) YLO101
Peter Furler Band Faith YLO85
The Brilliance God's:Guidance YLO100
We Are Messengers God's:Forgiveness YLO114
We Are Messengers Self:Identity in Christ YLO114
We Are Messengers Acceptance YLO114
Stellar Kart God's:Care YLO65
Here Be Lions Self:Identity in Christ YLO112
Here Be Lions Conviction YLO112
The Afters Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO92
Pocket Full Of Rocks Devotion YLO63
Pocket Full Of Rocks Devotion:Seeking God YLO63
Pocket Full Of Rocks Devotion:to Christ YLO63
Demon Hunter Peace:Spiritual YLO115
Demon Hunter God's:Presence YLO115
Audio Adrenaline Faith YLO99
Jeff Deyo Faith YLO90
Shonlock Love:Committed YLO95
I Am They Truth YLO111
The Museum Security YLO81
Ronnie Freeman Love:For God YLO73
Circleslide Heaven:Longing For YLO65
Bluetree God's:Faithfulness YLO97
Nicole C. Mullen God's:Care YLO84
Crowder Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO106
Crowder Salvation YLO106
Crowder Victory YLO106
Switchfoot Love YLO114
Plumb Prayer YLO91
Everfound Grace YLO91
The Afters Complacency YLO71
The Fifth Service Security YLO103
Tim Timmons God's:Faithfulness YLO85
Tenth Avenue North Family:Love for YLO98
Ryan Stevenson Grace YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Hope YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Love:Unconditional YLO112
For All Seasons Jesus YLO110
For All Seasons Freedom YLO110
For All Seasons God's:Power YLO110
Brandon Heath Discipleship:Cost of YLO99
Casting Crowns Humility YLO114
Casting Crowns Confidence:In Christ YLO114
Casting Crowns Power YLO114
Planetshakers God's:Faithfulness YLO112
Salvador Difficulties:Comfort in YLO92
Planetshakers God's:Presence YLO112
Ledger Commitment YLO114
Ledger Perseverance YLO114
Ledger Determination YLO114
The Gray Havens Renewal YLO113
The Gray Havens Hope YLO113
The Gray Havens Peace YLO113
Circleslide Worship YLO82
Chris August Brokenness YLO112
Chris August God's:Care YLO112
Chris August Healing YLO112
Aaron Keyes Jesus:Lordship YLO85
Nevertheless God's:Patience YLO66
Building 429 Grace YLO101
Moriah Peters Courage YLO97
The City Harmonic Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO101
Desperation Band God's:Sovereignty YLO98
33 Miles Love:Sacrificial YLO74
Jackson Waters Difficulties:Hope within YLO68
Here Be Lions God's:Holiness YLO112
Here Be Lions God's:Attributes YLO112
Casting Crowns Jesus:Lordship YLO114
Casting Crowns Glorifying God YLO114
Casting Crowns Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO114
Planetshakers YLO115
Hawk Nelson Worship YLO99
Housefires Submission YLO107
Elevation Worship Worship YLO91
WorshipMOB God's:Mercy YLO99
Desperation Band Worship:Call To YLO89
Lara Landon God's:Victory YLO89
Hillsong Young - Free Peace YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free God's:Character YLO113
Hillsong Young - Free God's:Promise YLO113
Housefires God's:Peace YLO107
Housefires God's:Provision YLO107
Demon Hunter Peace YLO115
Planetshakers God's:Love YLO101
Jeff Deyo God's:Beauty YLO90
for KING and COUNTRY Love:Committed YLO112
for KING and COUNTRY Marriage YLO112
Newsboys Worship YLO86
Jared Anderson Worship:Praise YLO90
Building 429 Jesus:Name YLO68
Michael Farren Jesus:Resurrection (Easter) YLO114
Michael Farren Jesus:Lordship YLO114
Michael Farren Worship:Praise YLO114
The City Harmonic Worship:Praise YLO93
Sixteen Cities Prayer:Intercessory YLO80
The Brilliance God's:Mercy YLO100
Michael Farren Freedom YLO114
Michael Farren Jesus' Sacrifice YLO114
Michael Farren Salvation:Justification YLO114
The Fifth Service God's:Presence YLO103
Holly Starr God's:Protection YLO83
BarlowGirl God's:Sufficiency YLO62
Iron Bell Music Surrender YLO113
Iron Bell Music Encouragement YLO113
Iron Bell Music God's:Love YLO113
Brandon Bee YLO84
Bethel Music Worship:Praise YLO114
Bethel Music Zeal YLO114
Bethel Music Victory YLO114
Aaron Keyes God's:Care YLO85
Warren Barfield God's:Faithfulness YLO63
Peter Furler Band God's:Attributes YLO85
The Royal Royal God's:Strength YLO94
Cory Asbury Confidence:In Christ YLO111
Cory Asbury God's:Love YLO111
Cory Asbury Thankfulness YLO111
Brandon Grissom YLO103
Dizmas Salvation:Redemption YLO72
Finding Favour Security YLO101
Hillsong Worship YLO111
Kutless God's:Care YLO95
Switchfoot Devotion:to Christ YLO87
Third Day Evangelism YLO108
Zach Williams Revival YLO106
Zach Williams Renewal YLO106
Third Day Revival YLO108
Worth Dying For Hope YLO74
Fee Worship:Call To YLO78
The Union of Sinners and Saints Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO104
Worth Dying For Jesus:Resurrection (Easter) YLO88
Newworldson Sin:Repentance YLO80
Petree Perseverance YLO77
Holly Starr Endurance YLO108
Holly Starr Determination YLO108
Holly Starr Perseverance YLO108
Phil Wickham Security YLO79
Jeremy Hartshorn Heaven:Longing For YLO89
Newworldson Salvation YLO76
Know Hope Collective YLO83
Generation Unleashed YLO71
Tobymac God's:Protection YLO113
Tobymac God's:Presence YLO113
Tobymac Trials YLO113
Chris August God's:Love YLO112
Me In Motion YLO79
Coffey Anderson Worship YLO82
Brandon Grissom YLO97
Britt Nicole Missions YLO69
MercyMe God's:Forgiveness YLO96
Kutless Restoration YLO109
Kutless Jesus:The Good Sheperd YLO109
Salvador Holiness:Christlikeness YLO65
for KING and COUNTRY God's:Presence YLO97
Club Dream Lab Worship YLO79
Family Force 5 Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO97
BridgeCity God's:Glory YLO92
Anadara Grace YLO67
Sixteen Cities God's:Character YLO80
Jeremy Hartshorn Worship:Call To YLO89
Nevertheless Life YLO75
Finding Favour
Kutless Evangelism:Sowing Seeds YLO64
MercyMe Self:Denial YLO64
MercyMe Submission YLO64
Chris Rice Joy YLO70
Desperation Band God's:Strength YLO78
Sixteen Cities Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO80
Revive God's:Glory YLO81
Stellar Kart YLO80
Matthew West Testimony YLO71
Ana Laura Hope YLO64
Ana Laura God's:Plan YLO64
Ana Laura Hope:In God YLO64
Phil Wickham God's:Attributes YLO113
Phil Wickham Love:For God YLO113
Phil Wickham Worship:Praise YLO113
Aaron Keyes God's:Greatness YLO85
Anadara Surrender YLO67
Pocket Full Of Rocks God's:Creation YLO63
Third Day Revival YLO100
Seacoast Worship God's:Sovereignty YLO105
Third Day Worship:Call To YLO100
The Choir Jesus:Resurrection (Easter) YLO83
Jonny Diaz Diligence YLO77
Bethel Music Perseverance YLO114
Bethel Music Strength YLO114
Bethel Music Confidence YLO114
Tree 63 Faith YLO102
Future of Forestry Security YLO67
Lauren Daigle Hope YLO113
Lauren Daigle Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO113
Lauren Daigle Salvation:Redemption YLO113
The Gray Havens Forgiveness YLO113
The Gray Havens God's:Provision YLO113
The Gray Havens Grace YLO113
Cory Lamb God's:Sufficiency YLO86
Micah Tyler Humility YLO110
Micah Tyler Guilt YLO110
Micah Tyler God's:Forgiveness YLO110
Club Dream Lab Worship YLO79
Matthew West God's:Strength YLO84
Seacoast Worship God's:Power YLO105
Tree 63 Worship:Call To YLO70
Holly Starr God's:Provision YLO102
Mission Six Jesus' Sacrifice YLO76
Newworldson Holy Spirit YLO76
Holly Starr Acceptance YLO83
Warren Barfield Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO63
Everfound Evangelism:Witnessing YLO91
The Gray Havens Salvation:Sanctification YLO104
Worth Dying For Victory YLO88
Satellites and Sirens Love:Unconditional YLO105
Club Dream Lab Worship YLO79
Chris Rice Evangelism YLO70
33 Miles Thankfulness YLO68
Shane and Shane God's:Forgiveness YLO93
Planetshakers Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO91
Casting Crowns Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO114
Casting Crowns Sacrifice YLO114
Casting Crowns Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO114
Matt Maher Comfort YLO109
Matt Maher God's:Mercy YLO109
Matt Maher Blessing YLO109
Switchfoot Surrender YLO106
Switchfoot Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO106
Switchfoot Perspective YLO106
We Are Messengers Determination YLO114
We Are Messengers Freedom YLO114
We Are Messengers Confidence YLO114
Sanctus Real God's:Love YLO64
Joel Engle Difficulties:Hope within YLO59
Chris Rice God's:Love YLO62
Chris Rice God's:Sovereignty YLO62
MercyMe God's:Love YLO89
Ryan Stevenson God's:Love YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Hope YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Salvation:the Gospel YLO112
Tim Timmons YLO85
Planetshakers God's:Greatness YLO112
Planetshakers Worship:Praise YLO112
Planetshakers Worship:Thanksgiving YLO112
Elevation Worship Revival YLO98
Jared Anderson YLO90
Starfield Testimony YLO87
The Royal Royal Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO94
Colton Dixon Death YLO107
for KING and COUNTRY Love YLO90
Nevertheless Perseverance YLO66
Nevertheless Faith:Within Trials YLO66
Starfield Jesus:Death (The Cross) YLO79
Lara Landon Evangelism YLO89
Matthew West Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO84
Jamie Grace Perseverance YLO95
Housefires Worship YLO107
Housefires God's:Attributes YLO107
Pocket Full Of Rocks Worship:Call To YLO63
Elias Dummer Change YLO114
Elias Dummer Determination YLO114
Elias Dummer Submission YLO114
Newworldson Hope:In God YLO80
Planetshakers God's:Strength YLO112
Planetshakers Worship:Praise YLO112
Desperation Band Worship:Praise YLO89
Elias Dummer God's:Presence YLO114
Elias Dummer Worship YLO114
Elias Dummer God's:Attributes YLO114
Family Force 5 Attitude YLO111
Family Force 5 Commitment YLO111
Family Force 5 Dreams and Desires YLO111
Addison Road Love:For God YLO81
Holly Starr Evangelism:Witnessing YLO102
Phil Wickham Change YLO113
Phil Wickham God's:Plan YLO113
Phil Wickham Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO113
Kutless Difficulties:Hope within YLO73
Zach Williams Prayer YLO106
Hillsong Young - Free Trust YLO103
Press Play God's:Faithfulness YLO76
Building 429 Commitment YLO101
downhere God's:Love YLO64
Fireflight Confidence:In Christ YLO72
Stephen Christian Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO109
Stephen Christian Surrender YLO109
Stephen Christian Unity YLO109
Elevation Worship God's:Attributes YLO98
Matt Papa Salvation YLO66
Thousand Foot Krutch Faith YLO109
Thousand Foot Krutch Determination YLO109
Thousand Foot Krutch Glorifying God YLO109
Bethel Music Victory YLO114
Bethel Music Spiritual Warfare YLO114
Bethel Music Worship:Praise YLO114
Jeremy Hartshorn Eternity:vs. Temporal YLO89
Switchfoot Worldliness YLO114
Switchfoot Spiritual Warfare YLO114
Paige Armstrong Apathy YLO79
NEEDTOBREATHE Difficulties:Hope within YLO96
Salvador Surrender YLO65
Esterlyn Faith YLO71
The City Harmonic Unity YLO101
Here Be Lions Worship YLO112
Here Be Lions God's:Holiness YLO112
Integrity Worship:Praise YLO100
Know Hope Collective Jesus YLO83
Jason Fowler Salvation:Redemption YLO103
Fee Worship:Praise YLO71
Brandon Grissom YLO97
Christafari Evangelism:Witnessing YLO111
Christafari Jesus:Name YLO111
Christafari Jesus:Lordship YLO111
Matt Maher Faithfulness YLO109
Matt Maher Friendship YLO109
Matt Maher Brokenness YLO109
33 Miles Heaven YLO68
33 Miles Grace YLO82
The Katinas Surrender YLO85
Everfound God's:Love YLO91
Sanctus Real Devotion:Seeking God YLO71
Citizen Way Acceptance YLO102
Rhett Walker Band God's:Mercy YLO89
Brandon Grissom YLO103
Meredith Andrews Worship YLO72
Satellites and Sirens Self:Identity in Christ YLO105
Salvador God's:Love YLO72
Hillsong United Worship YLO115
Hillsong United God's:Grace YLO115
Hillsong United Surrender YLO115
Stephen Christian God's:Character YLO109
Stephen Christian Renewal YLO109
Stephen Christian God's:Love YLO109
Ryan Stevenson Dependence YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Satisfaction YLO112
Ryan Stevenson Worship YLO112
Mat Kearney Zeal YLO58
Joel Engle God's:Love YLO59
MercyMe God's:Care YLO111
MercyMe Knowing God YLO111
MercyMe Bible,The YLO111
Hawk Nelson Words,Power of YLO92
The Afters God's:Character YLO60
Coffey Anderson Worship YLO82
Echoing Angels Commitment YLO67
Kutless Jesus:Lordship YLO95
Future of Forestry Fellowship YLO67
Chris August God's:Greatness YLO112
Chris August God's:Intimacy YLO112
Rachel Chan God's:Love YLO87
Wayne Kerr Band God's:Nature YLO88
Coffey Anderson God's:Sufficiency YLO82
Matthew West God's:Sufficiency YLO71
Tim Timmons God's:Faithfulness YLO85
Matt Papa God's:Goodness YLO66
MercyMe God's:Greatness YLO89
The Museum Love:Unconditional YLO81
Tenth Avenue North Self:Identity in Christ YLO80
By The Tree God's:Sufficiency YLO66
Jonathan Phillips God's:Attributes YLO75
Housefires Trust YLO107
Royal Tailor Salvation YLO94
Bluetree God's:Sufficiency YLO88
Building 429 Faith:Within Trials YLO113
Building 429 Perseverance YLO113
Julian Drive God's:Sufficiency YLO75
Building 429 Difficulties:Hope within YLO113
Building 429 God's:Mercy YLO68
Moriah Peters Trust YLO97
Fireflight Decisions YLO65
Anthem Lights God's:Love YLO95
Newsboys God's:Greatness YLO102
Stars Go Dim YLO115
MercyMe God's:Sovereignty YLO70
Lauren Daigle Truth YLO113
Lauren Daigle God's:Care YLO113
Lauren Daigle Self:Identity in Christ YLO113
Bluetree YLO97
We Are Leo Celebration YLO98
Matt Maher Availability YLO109
Matt Maher Strength YLO109
Matt Maher Loneliness YLO109
Abandon God's:Love YLO84
Switchfoot God's:Love YLO78
Cory Asbury God's:Love YLO111
Cory Asbury God's:Power YLO111
Cory Asbury Strength YLO111
Jon Foreman God's:Provision YLO75
Third Day God's:Revelation YLO100
We Are Leo Hope YLO98
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