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Wow...This is great! This is the vision!

I am a youth pastor in North Carolina, I have had YLO before at another church, but was buying it for my current church where I serve as youth minister. I wanted to say thank you for the HELP A BROTHER OUT promotion. Because of this program I was able to send a works membership to a newer youth minister in our association. We met last summer and God has laid him upon my heart. He had numerous youth rededicate their lives to Christ at a conference this winter and didn't know what to do. Because of this program I was able to give him music and devotions and videos to help him out. He was telling me, if they had had this when he was younger he wouldn't have waited so long to come to know Christ.

Thank you for what you do.
Scott Hardy , White's Memorial Baptist Church, Asheboro, NC

Here's a conversation that happened recently between WriteGroup member Doug Ranck and editor Ken McCoy.
  • Doug: Hey Ken, I have attached my re:Tuned for Beyonce's "Formation" song. There are some explicit lyrics in this and I have mentioned to the reader, "Look beyond the explicit lyrics... " I'm not sure what Interlinc does with disclaimers but I wanted you to know I had inserted one.
  • Ken: Thanks! Finding popular songs that have clean lyrics is getting harder and harder, isn't it?
  • Doug: Yes, it is - but, I think it's great we charge ahead and redeem songs kids are listening to anyway. My kids, in high school years, would have said, "Daddy, we hear a lot worse every day at school!"
  • Ken: Tru dat.

"I've been doing youth ministry for around 10 years, and I have been using YLO for a long time. I feel like music has a way of reaching deep into someone's soul. YLO has made easier for youth to understand the deeper principles of the Bible, by using Christian and mainstream music. So thank you YLO for all that you do for the Lord."

Wes Gordon

"I have been a YLO Member for three or four years. It is one of my most-used tools in our youth group! I have students tell me they feel led to do a lesson (based on an artist's song they have been introduced to through YLO), so I just give them one of my many YLO books. They come back and say, 'I need this song or video" and thanks to Interlinc I have it on hand and give to them. Thanks for all your help!"

Yancey Simmons, Lakeview Bible Church, San Angelo, Texas

"As a 15+ year subscriber to YLO, your Bible lessons, music, and videos have been very instrumental in my ministry. Thank you for providing this resource to those of us in the youth ministry field!"

Steven Bales, Ritter Ave FMC, Indianapolis, IN

"I just downloaded all the music from YLO103 and am polishing playlists for the 12-hour summer camp drives. THANK YOU for the great music! I especially want to make note of the instrumental bluegrass album by Ron Block. I have no idea what made you throw that in the bundle, but it absolutely made the subscription worth it!"

Peyton Porterfield, FBC, Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Was going through our YLO and can't believe I didn't sign up earlier. What an awesome resource and blessing you are to us! You guys do it better year after year. Thank you all for all you for youth workers. We looooooove you!"

Francheska Ramos, Church of God, Rock Hill, NY

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