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Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle

Uncle Si's new book is a hliarious read, but it's way more! It provides a great opportunity to lead your students into some powerfully meaningful conversations. That's why we created the SI-COLOGY 1 Youth Event Guide to go along with the book. It is four complete sessions about Uncle Si's faith (Fear & Faith, Trust & Faith, Love & Faith, A Faith Legacy). Youthworkers get all the tools to do a FUN (really fun!!) four week series or a weekend retreat that builds on the runaway success of Duck Dynasty and takes your students to a point of dealing with their personal faith. Get the SI-COLOGY 1 Youth Event FREE with the purchase of 10 or more books.

"As you read this book, there are a few things you have to understand: 95 percent of my stories are truthful. Every member of the Robertson family has the God-given gift of storytelling. Hey, when you've sat in a duck blind for more than half of your life, you have to figure out some way to pass the time! It's better than looking at Willie and Jase for six hours! Many of the stories I like to tell happened when I was a young boy or when I was in Vietnam. At my age, a few of the details are cloudy, but I'll recollect the coming stories as best I can. Hey, just remember it isn't a lie if you think it's true! It's up to you, the reader, to figure out what's truth and what's fiction. Best of luck with that, Jack! May the force be with you."
Uncle Si

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