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Man Up

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"Man Up" is a new campaign calling men in the hip-hop culture to true biblical manhood through repentance and faith in Christ. The short film and soundtrack deal with issues that are relevant to the young men in your group no matter where they live:
  • Authority
  • Responsibility
  • Envy
  • Courage
  • Sexual temptation
  • Repentance

Your students may not come from the streets, but culture is holding up the ethos of the street through music and media every day.

Order this Special Edition of Youth Leaders Only and you'll receive:
  • The "Man Up" DVD and soundtrack including 6 teaching segments on authority, responsibility, envy, courage, sexual temptation, and repentance
  • Our exclusive Music Resource Book that includes 2 Bible studies for "Man Up" plus some ideas for your own Man Up campaign