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ConGRADulations! Class of 2016

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With over 1,300,000 copies given to graduates by 25,000 churches, ConGRADulations! is the #1 grad gift of the decade, and this year your grads are going to love the line-up of hard-hitting, powerful music and advice.

It's MUSIC 2 Playlists Playlist #1 Grad 2016 Songs - 12 songs and music videos dealing with grad issues like success, the future, friendship, personal faith - from the top names in Christian music: Lecrae, for KING & COUNTRY, Tobymac. Playlist #2 - Best of ConGRADulations! (1991-2013) 20 songs from the Grad Projects over the years

It's MEDIA Over an hour of video greetings and advice from artists, author-speakers, and fellow grads


THE BEST PART OF CONGRADULATIONS! CLASS OF 2016 - IT IS TOTALLY FREE! Yep, we are celebrating the 25th year of ConGRADulations! and making it available free via playlists that you can share directly with your students.

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