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Worship is a Response

Writer: Phil Wickham
Category: Modern Worship

Over the years I have heard many great definitions of what the word "worship" means in context of the church, but I think the simplest one is still my favorite: worship is a response. When we worship God we are responding to everything that He has done and all that He has shown us of Himself.

If we take even just a moment to look at Him we see that in every action He takes, in every word that He speaks, there are more and more reasons to respond to Him:
•    Because He created all things, the stars and oceans and galaxies and you and me, we see a glimpse of His glory, beauty, bigness, and creativity - and we worship Him for it.
•    Because He came as a man and walked among us; He felt our pain, healed the broken, touched the leper, made the lame walk and the blind see, we catch a glimpse of His compassion, mercy, authority and power - and we worship Him for it.
•    Because He bore the weight of the sins of the world upon His shoulders as He hung on a cross for us—He died so we could be called blameless; He rose to life again so we could live forever with Him—we see His amazing grace and unfailing love - and we worship Him for it.

We respond to Him with love, because He first loved us. This is what makes God so amazing and worthy of our worship. Every thing He makes, every action He takes, and every word He speaks is motivated by love. God loves you. Take a moment and let that sink in. God loves YOU. Before you sang one song, or prayed one prayer God loved you.

Here is the question though: do you believe it? Do you believe that God's love for you has nothing to do with how many good deeds you do, or how loudly you sing at church, or how often you prayed this week? His love does not lessen for you when you sin, and it does not grow when you are obedient. God's love is the biggest it can be for you, and it will never stop being that.

Our job as worshippers is to simply believe and let our belief turn into response.

I have found that the truest and most sincere expressions of worship do not come from the person who strives to live a holy life, but from the person who believes that God wholly loves him or her. God loves you so much He died to make you a part of His family. Not just a part of His Kingdom, but His family! All who step into this amazing gift of salvation are called His children. His very sons and daughters!

We belong to God. He is for us. We have nothing to fear. We have only life, hope, and joy ahead of us. Our futures are sealed in Heaven. Our debt has been paid. The war has been won.

You are LOVED! Believe it, and let that belief spur you to a life that is lived as a love song to the One who first loved you.

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