You're here because you have flipped (or are about to flip) a tassel on a hat AND because someone gave you a pretty cool graduation gift. We hope that our songs (all 32 of them!!) will brighten up your Class of 2018 Music Playlist and give you a little driving music as you hit the road toward your dreams.

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ConGRADulations! 2018 Playlist
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The Best of ConGRADulations! Playlist
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Previous Graduates Featured in 2018

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2018 Artist & Speakers

A highlight of every ConGRADulations! has been the words of advice and encouragement from the artists who contributed their music as your graduation playlist. These words have not only been in your Gift Book, but many of them are on video. Check out their words and their music videos here. Also don't miss the great insights from the authors and speakers on ConGRADulations!

Previous Graduates

Over the years hundreds of grads from all over the world have contributed their advice to fellow classmates on ConGRADulations! We have put some of them on ConGRADulations! Class of 2018 so you can have the benefit on their combined experience. Check them out!


Click on the images above to view the individual devotionals as PDFs.

Ministry Connections

"It's important to be walking in the fellowship of a body of believers - both a student group and a church. We need people around us who will sharpen us. When you go off to college (or the work world) the first thing you start doing is sleeping in and blowing off church. I was there, believe me. But when you begin to open up your life to a body of believers, walk with them and are fed with God's Word each week, that's the kind of thing that will keep you on fire." Tobymac