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Here Are All the 2021 CMT Music Awards Winners
By : Katie Atkinson Source : Billboard  Here are all the winners from the 2021 CMT Music Awards, held on June 9 in Nashville, TN! 
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Billboard Music Awards 2021 Winners
Here are the winners from last night's Billboard Music Awards!
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Taylor Swift Remains Silent As “Swifties” Harrass Music Critic

Thursday July 30th, 2020

By : Laura Bradley
Source : Daily Beast

The calls started around 2 in the morning—an hour after Pitchfork senior editor Jillian Mapes’ review of Taylor Swift’s eighth album, Folklore, posted on the site. It was a largely positive review. But it was not positive enough for a certain subset of fans, who began to use some of the internet’s dirtiest and most dangerous tactics to harass the writer who’d dared to scorn their queen with insufficient praise.

Mapes’ even-handed review deftly and artfully expressed Folklore’s strengths and weaknesses—and given Pitchfork’s historical skepticism toward popular artists, the piece might as well have been a rave.

But certain lines didn’t sit well with Swift’s most rabid fans. And perhaps more importantly, the 8.0 numerical score that accompanied Mapes’ review—a metric determined not by the reviewer, but from multiple staffers’ ratings—threatened to drag down the album’s aggregated Metacritic score.

That, apparently, was an intolerable insult. more


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