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Christian Singer Bigger Than Drake & Ariana Grande… (Rolling Stone)
Lauren Daigle’s chart-topping debut highlights the deep enduranc
  By Amy X. Wang Paul McCartney easily took the top spot on the Billboard 200 this week when his new album Egypt Station blew past 153,000...
How Adele's 'Husky' Voice Inspired Lauren Daigle to Accept Her Own (PEOPLE)
  Lauren Daigle is seeing fans of her music “take out all their emotions” following the release of her latest album, Look Up...
The Unlikely Endurance Of Christian Rock (The New Yorker)
The genre has been disdained by the church and mocked by secular
By Kelefa Sanneh In 1957, less than a year after the end of the Montgomery bus boycott, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., took a part-time...
FDA Cites ‘Epidemic’ Of E-Cigarette Teen Use
By Sarah Owermohole • he FDA launched its boldest move yet to combat vaping by teens and avoid a new generation of nicotine...
How Teens Use Social Media in 2018 vs 2012
You heard it here first! Go to this link to get the rest of the insightful infographics that you and your youth ministry team need to stay up to...
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Teen Television Consumption Drops By Half In 5 Years: Study

Monday August 13th, 2018

 Teens have long wielded soft influence over Hollywood. But today's youth is at the center of the biggest shift in consumption habits that the video industry has seen. The post-millennial cohort known as Gen Z (anyone between the ages of approximately 8 and 22) is abandoning linear TV at faster rates than predicted even a few years ago.

Teens are watching 49 percent less traditional television than they did five years ago, Nielsen revealed July 31 in the latest installment of its Total Audience Report. But that doesn't mean they aren't watching TV programming — they're just watching it in a different way. Usage 
of internet-connected devices among teens is at around three hours a 
week, up from around two hours just a year ago.
It's no wonder that Nickelodeon owner Viacom is buying up digital brands, and Disney CEO Bob Iger — who recently said the disruption of the pay TV business had a "faster and more profound impact than we ever expected" — has placed outsized importance on its upcoming family-friendly streaming service, which is 
set to launch in late 2019 and is being run by longtime marketing chief Ricky Strauss.
"Media companies are losing viewership on the tradi­tional pay TV side driven by this preference younger people have for watching digitally," says eMarketer analyst Paul Verna. "There's no putting that genie back in the bottle."

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