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Mainstream Music Resources

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Unavoidable. Pervasive. Inescapable. Mainstream pop music is everywhere. Even if you can get your young Christian friends to switch their listening habits from secular to sacred, they are still going to hear the top popular songs everywhere they go. In this section we provide you some ideas to take advantage of some of the most popular mainstream songs. Use the opening questions, the thematic concepts and discussion ideas to spice up your Bible study, Sunday School lesson, camp/retreat meeting or outreach event message.

Song Title Artist Theme Featured In
Cody Johnson Family YLO 127
Cody Johnson Love YLO 127
Cody Johnson Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 127
Logic Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 108
Logic Suicide YLO 108
Dan and Shay Dating YLO 117
Dan and Shay Relationships YLO 117
Dan and Shay Marriage YLO 117
Dan and Shay Love YLO 117
Bruno Mars Jesus:Life YLO 106
Ed Sheeran Peer Pressure YLO 127
Ed Sheeran Self YLO 127
Ed Sheeran Depression YLO 127
Ariana Grande Temptation YLO 121
Ariana Grande Lust YLO 121
Ariana Grande Sex YLO 121
Ariana Grande Sin YLO 121
Ariana Grande Materialism YLO 114
Ariana Grande Satisfaction YLO 114
Ariana Grande Money YLO 114
Lukas Graham Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 103
Various Artists Adoption MVL 79
Various Artists Adoption YLO 90
Coldplay Love:Committed YLO 97
Gayle Forgiveness YLO 126
Gayle Relationships YLO 126
Gayle Anger YLO 126
Lizzo Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 128
Lizzo Self:Identity in Christ YLO 128
Harry Styles Devotion YLO 119
Harry Styles Love:Romantic YLO 119
Harry Styles Love:Sacrificial YLO 119
Coldplay Friendship:Joy of YLO 102
Paramore Pride YLO 96
Meghan Trainor Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 98
John Legend God's:Love YLO 95
5 Seconds Of Summer Relationships YLO 98
Taylor Swift Depression YLO 129
Taylor Swift Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 129
Justin Bieber Trust YLO 123
Justin Bieber God's:Love YLO 123
Justin Bieber Thankfulness YLO 123
Harry Styles Loss YLO 127
Harry Styles Change YLO 127
Harry Styles Loneliness YLO 127
Masked Wolf God's:Love YLO 123
Masked Wolf God's:Plan YLO 123
U2 Freedom YLO 133
U2 Love YLO 133
U2 Unity YLO 133
Selena Gomez Relationships YLO 112
Selena Gomez Double-Minded YLO 112
Selena Gomez Addiction YLO 112
Granger Smith Commitment YLO 131
Granger Smith Worry YLO 131
Granger Smith Attitude YLO 131
Halsey Love YLO 111
Halsey Commitment YLO 111
Halsey Doubt YLO 111
Taylor Swift Betrayal YLO 101
Billie Eilish Servanthood YLO 115
Billie Eilish Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 115
Billie Eilish Pride YLO 115
Steve Lacy Loneliness YLO 129
Steve Lacy Confidence,False YLO 129
Steve Lacy Confidence:In Self YLO 129
Ed Sheeran Addiction YLO 124
Ed Sheeran Salvation YLO 124
Ed Sheeran Sin YLO 124
Olivia Rodrigo Relationships YLO 133
Olivia Rodrigo Self-Discipline YLO 133
Guy Sebastian Jesus' Sacrifice YLO 93
SB19 Perseverance:Endurance YLO 126
SB19 Endurance YLO 126
Dixie D'Amelio Trials YLO 120
Dixie D'Amelio Priorities YLO 120
Dixie D'Amelio God's:Presence YLO 120
Justin Bieber God's:Sufficiency YLO 91
Lewis Capaldi Love:Romantic YLO 121
Lewis Capaldi Loss YLO 121
Lewis Capaldi Relationships:Broken YLO 121
Mumford & Sons Relationships YLO 100
Imagine Dragons Transformation YLO 107
Imagine Dragons Brokenness YLO 107
American Authors God's:Guidance YLO 96
Khalid Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 115
Khalid Dating YLO 115
Khalid Relationships YLO 115
Luke Combs Love YLO 122
Luke Combs Relationships YLO 122
Luke Combs Commitment YLO 122
Latto Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 127
Latto Sex:Purity YLO 127
Iggy Azalea Love:Romantic YLO 98
Breathe Carolina Wisdom:Discernment YLO 87
Post Malone Friendship:Broken YLO 111
Post Malone Disappointment YLO 111
Taylor Swift Dating YLO 99
The Weeknd God's:Presence YLO 119
The Weeknd God's:Care YLO 119
The Weeknd God's:Peace YLO 119
Pink God's:Care YLO 90
Lil Mosey Pride YLO 120
Lil Mosey Sin YLO 120
Lil Mosey Justice YLO 120
Robin Thicke Compromise YLO 93
Sam Hunt Self:Identity in Christ YLO 107
Charli XCX Love:Sacrificial YLO 98
Various Artists Evangelism:Witnessing YLO 76
PinkPantheress Truth YLO 130
PinkPantheress Honesty YLO 130
PinkPantheress Integrity YLO 130
Ariana Grande Confidence:In Christ YLO 98
Chris Stapleton God's:Plan YLO 110
Chris Stapleton Difficulties:Comfort in YLO 110
Shinedown God's:Provision YLO 89
Ellie Goulding Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO 96
Ellie Goulding Evangelism YLO 96
Linkin Park Honesty YLO 89
BTS Emotions YLO 125
BTS Relationships YLO 125
BTS Appearance YLO 125
Travis Scott Transformation YLO 109
DNCE Sex:Seduction YLO 103
Carly Rae Jepsen God's:Sufficiency YLO 89
The Weeknd Loyalty YLO 111
The Weeknd Faithfulness YLO 111
The Weeknd Love YLO 111
Rema Insecurity YLO 131
Rema Peer Pressure YLO 131
The Weeknd Addiction YLO 101
Justin Timberlake Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 104
Tones and I Depression YLO 119
Tones and I Future, The YLO 119
Tones and I Loneliness YLO 119
Taylor Swift Relationships YLO 120
Taylor Swift Grace YLO 120
Taylor Swift Renewal YLO 120
Ed Sheeran Fear YLO 129
Ed Sheeran Love YLO 129
Ed Sheeran Hope:In God YLO 129
Fall Out Boy Fame YLO 98
Nick Jonas Freedom YLO 100
Sia Relationships YLO 104
Post Malone Love YLO 131
Post Malone Identity YLO 131
Post Malone Heartbreak YLO 131
Post Malone Relationships YLO 131
Lana Del Ray Perspective YLO 123
Lana Del Ray Power YLO 123
Lana Del Ray Wisdom YLO 123
Post Malone Dating:Ungodly YLO 118
Post Malone Sex YLO 118
Post Malone Relationships:Broken YLO 118
Juice WRLD Sanctification YLO 121
Juice WRLD Salvation YLO 121
Juice WRLD Regeneration (New Life) YLO 121
Demi Lovato Self-Confidence YLO 102
Echosmith Confidence:In Christ YLO 97
One Republic Choices YLO 95
Metro Boomin' Betrayal YLO 130
Metro Boomin' Rejection YLO 130
Taylor Swift Love YLO 132
Taylor Swift Relationships YLO 132
Beyonce Sex YLO 130
Beyonce Alcohol/Drugs YLO 130
Beyonce Lust YLO 130
Tones and I God's:Worksmanship YLO 118
Tones and I Respect YLO 118
Dua Lipa Emotions YLO 132
Dua Lipa Relationships YLO 132
Dua Lipa Love YLO 132
Sam Smith Relationships:Broken YLO 115
Sam Smith Insecurity YLO 115
Sam Smith Loneliness YLO 115
Ariana Grande Integrity YLO 103
Maroon 5 Grief YLO 91
Gnash Doubt YLO 113
Gnash Depression YLO 113
Gnash Insecurity YLO 113
Taylor Swift Insecurity YLO 112
Taylor Swift Patience YLO 112
Taylor Swift Dreams and Desires YLO 112
Luis Fonsi Love:Romantic YLO 108
Luis Fonsi Love:Unconditional YLO 108
Noah Kahan Pain YLO 133
Noah Kahan Grief YLO 133
Noah Kahan Desperation YLO 133
Thomas Rhett Joy YLO 102
The Weeknd Love:Committed YLO 130
The Weeknd Love:Unconditional YLO 130
The Chainsmokers God's:Faithfulness YLO 104
Dua Lipa Restoration YLO 119
Dua Lipa Relationships YLO 119
Maroon 5 Regret YLO 106
Swedish House Mafia God's:Plan YLO 91
Drake Relationships YLO 112
Drake Love:Romantic YLO 112
Drake Forgiveness YLO 112
Fleetwood Mac Loneliness YLO 121
Fleetwood Mac Freedom YLO 121
Train Love:Unconditional YLO 88
Olivia Rodrigo Forgiveness YLO 122
Olivia Rodrigo Relationships YLO 122
Olivia Rodrigo Grief YLO 122
Luke Bryan Dating:Godly YLO 91
Zayn Trust YLO 108
Zayn Holy Spirit YLO 108
Zayn Commitment YLO 108
BTS Freedom YLO 120
BTS Life YLO 120
BTS Joy YLO 120
BTS World,The YLO 120
Adele Difficulties:Hope Within YLO 125
Adele Love:Romantic YLO 125
Sia Love:Romantic YLO 100
No Malice Testimony YLO 105
Various Artists Love YLO 110
Neon Trees Words,Power of YLO 89
Various Artists YLO 118
Billie Eilish Suicide YLO 118
Billie Eilish Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 118
Billie Eilish Self:Identity in Christ YLO 118
Drake Authenticity YLO 106
Iggy Azalea Appearance YLO 97
Walker Hayes Wealth/Money YLO 124
Walker Hayes Love YLO 124
Walker Hayes Materialism YLO 124
Luke Combs Contentment YLO 131
Luke Combs Disappointment YLO 131
Luke Combs Dreams and Desires YLO 131
Jonas Blue Hope YLO 103
Portugal. The Man Social Action YLO 110
6ix9ine Words,Power of YLO 113
Rachel Platten Confidence:In Self YLO 101
Miley Cyrus Confidence YLO 130
Miley Cyrus Healing YLO 130
Kanye West Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO 117
Kanye West Sin:Repentance YLO 117
Kanye West Discipleship YLO 117
Luke Combs Love YLO 124
Beyonce Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 103
Rihanna Friendship:Broken YLO 100
Jon Batiste Freedom YLO 127
PSY Materialism YLO 90
PSY Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 92
Daft Punk Celebration YLO 93
Various Artists Obedience YLO
Little Big Town Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 101
Pink Renewal YLO 92
The Wanted Acceptance YLO 89
Chris Brown Lust YLO 121
Chris Brown Sex YLO 121
Chris Brown Relationships YLO 121
Ariana Grande God's:Attributes YLO 112
Ariana Grande God's:Character YLO 112
Ariana Grande Love YLO 112
Blake Shelton YLO 116
Drake Evangelism YLO 110
Drake Giving/Offering YLO 110
Various Artists YLO 59
Olivia Rodrigo Dating YLO 124
Olivia Rodrigo Heartbreak YLO 124
Carrie Underwood Dating:Godly YLO 88
Florida Georgia Line Loneliness YLO 104
Marshmello Love:Sacrificial YLO 114
Marshmello Joy YLO 114
Billie Eilish Love YLO 124
Billie Eilish Friendship:Broken YLO 124
Billie Eilish Rejection YLO 124
Pharrell Williams Satisfaction YLO 96
Avril Lavigne Healing YLO 113
Avril Lavigne Prayer YLO 113
Avril Lavigne Faith:Within Trials YLO 113
Avril Lavigne God's:Protection YLO 113
Demi Lovato Self:Examination YLO 92
Carrie Underwood Distractions YLO 102
Glass Animals Loss YLO 126
twenty one pilots God's:Judgement YLO 105
Adele Reconciliation YLO 101
Panic! At the Disco Future, The YLO 114
Panic! At the Disco Materialism YLO 114
Greta Van Fleet Love:Romantic YLO 109
The Lumineers Relationships YLO 89
Britney Spears Relationships YLO 128
Britney Spears Love YLO 128
Britney Spears Sex:Seduction YLO 128
Britney Spears Lust YLO 128
Drake Zeal YLO 94
Justin Bieber Love:Romantic YLO 122
Justin Bieber Love YLO 122
Justin Bieber Love:Sacrificial YLO 122
Machine Gun Kelly Heaven:Citizenship YLO 109
Logic Double-Minded YLO 116
Logic World,The YLO 116
Logic Worldliness YLO 116
Andy Grammer Love:Romantic YLO 101
Alessia Cara Dreams and Desires YLO 106
Charlie Puth Relationships YLO 111
Charlie Puth Trust YLO 111
Lil Wayne Love:Sacrificial YLO
Christina Perri God's:Forgiveness YLO 96
Kanye West Suffering YLO 126
Kanye West Faith:Assurance YLO 126
Kanye West God's:Protection YLO 126
Coldplay Friendship:Support YLO 103
One Republic Trust YLO 129
One Republic Faith YLO 129
One Republic Worry YLO 129
Imagine Dragons Faithfulness YLO 99
Sara Bareilles God's:Love YLO 97
Flo Rida Difficulties:Hope Within YLO 90
Ed Sheeran Dependence YLO 115
Ed Sheeran Dependence YLO 116
Ed Sheeran Confidence,False:In Self YLO 116
Ed Sheeran God's:Presence YLO 115
Ed Sheeran Dating YLO 116
Zayn Restoration YLO 106
Jack Johnson God's:Love YLO 94
Gnash Friendship:Broken YLO 105
Taylor Swift Worldliness YLO 91
Post Malone Relationships YLO 129
Post Malone Love YLO 129
One Republic Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 99
Carly Rae Jepsen Confidence YLO 100
Zach Bryan Love YLO 133
Zach Bryan Relationships YLO 133
Zach Bryan Dating YLO 133
Various Artists Friendship YLO 55
Mumford & Sons Trust YLO 93
Mumford & Sons God's:Patience YLO 90
Blake Shelton Marriage YLO 108
Blake Shelton Love:Committed YLO 108
Shawn Mendes God's:Love YLO
Shawn Mendes Relationships YLO
Shawn Mendes Love YLO
Jason Aldean Loneliness YLO 126
Jason Aldean Pain YLO 126
Brett Young Love:Committed YLO 107
Shawn Mendes Desperation YLO 112
Shawn Mendes Loneliness YLO 112
Drake Commitment YLO 113
Drake Doubt YLO 113
John Mayer Redemption YLO 107
Justin Bieber Marriage YLO 119
Justin Bieber Commitment YLO 119
Justin Bieber Love:Romantic YLO 119
Kelly Clarkson Hope:In God YLO 101
Hunter Hayes Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 95
Fall Out Boy Relationships YLO 102
Imagine Dragons Righteousness YLO 91
Christina Perri God's:Love YLO 91
Various Artists Persecution YLO 65
twenty one pilots Salvation:Justification YLO 113
twenty one pilots Insecurity YLO 113
twenty one pilots Confidence:In Christ YLO 113
Luke Bryan Fellowship YLO 101
SZA Conflict YLO 130
SZA Relationships YLO 130
SZA Wisdom YLO 130
Eminem Friendship:Broken YLO 113
Eminem Relationships YLO 113
Eminem Forgiveness YLO 113
Eminem Anger YLO 113
Travis Scott Love YLO 132
Travis Scott Satisfaction YLO 132
Travis Scott Hopelessness YLO 132
Morgan Wallen Decisions YLO 131
Morgan Wallen Alcohol/Drugs YLO 131
Morgan Wallen Sex YLO 131
Disclosure Eternity:vs. Temporal YLO 94
Harry Styles Relationships YLO 128
Harry Styles Salvation YLO 128
Harry Styles Love YLO 128
Drake Fame YLO 121
Drake Dreams and Desires YLO 121
Drake Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 121
Silk Sonic Love YLO 123
Silk Sonic Relationships YLO 123
Silk Sonic Commitment YLO 123
Passenger Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 95
Idina Menzel Self Centeredness YLO 96
Kid Rock Spiritual Warfare YLO 90
Prince Eternity YLO 103
Prince Eternity YLO 103
Prince Heaven YLO 103
twenty one pilots Insecurity YLO 119
twenty one pilots Relationships YLO 119
twenty one pilots Worry YLO 119
Dua Lipa Love:Romantic YLO 124
Future Self Centeredness YLO 118
Future Materialism YLO 118
Future Money YLO 118
Future Alcohol/Drugs YLO 118
Future Fame YLO 118
Meghan Trainor Faithfulness YLO 99
Carrie Underwood Family YLO 99
R. City Love:Unconditional YLO 101
Bruno Mars Wisdom:Discernment YLO 90
Justin Bieber Wealth/Money YLO 121
Justin Bieber Emptiness YLO 121
Justin Bieber Loneliness YLO 121
The Black Keys Loneliness YLO 87
Taylor Swift Betrayal YLO 108
Taylor Swift Anger YLO 108
Selena Gomez Pride YLO 118
Selena Gomez Relationships YLO 118
Brian Welch Life:Purpose/Meaning MVL 106
Brian Welch Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) MVL 106
Brian Welch Hope YLO 117
Brian Welch Hope MVL 106
Brian Welch Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 117
Brian Welch Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO 117
The Fray Love:Unconditional YLO 96
Ellie Goulding Love:Romantic YLO 99
Michael Jackson Love:Romantic YLO 97
One Republic Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 97
Justin Bieber Love:Unconditional YLO 103
Muse Relationships YLO 92
Coldplay Salvation:the Gospel YLO 96
Miley Cyrus Freedom YLO 107
Maroon 5 Dating YLO 97
Thomas Rhett Regret YLO 110
Thomas Rhett Love YLO 110
Taylor Swift God's:Love YLO 115
Rixton Love:Romantic YLO 97
Meghan Trainor Confidence YLO 104
Bebe Rexha Relationships YLO 110
The Anxiety Worry YLO 126
Maroon 5 Relationships YLO 117
Maroon 5 Loss YLO 117
Shawn Mendes God's:Mercy YLO 106
BTS Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 111
J Cole Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 116
M83 Church, The YLO 89
Justin Timberlake Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO 92
Dominic Fike Loneliness YLO 133
Dominic Fike Acceptance YLO 133
Dominic Fike Love YLO 133
Drake Money YLO 116
Drake Greed YLO 116
Drake Fame YLO 116
Shawn Mendes Judging YLO 122
Shawn Mendes Success YLO 122
Shawn Mendes Identity YLO 122
Shawn Mendes Self:Examination YLO 122
Lil Nas X Hell YLO 123
Lil Nas X Sex:Seduction YLO 123
Lil Nas X Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 123
24kGoldn Depression YLO 121
24kGoldn Love YLO 121
24kGoldn Relationships YLO 121
Post Malone Celebration YLO 124
Post Malone Fellowship YLO 124
Maroon 5 God's:Love YLO 87
Maren Morris Salvation:Regeneration (New Life) YLO 103
Machine Gun Kelly Self Centeredness YLO 124
Machine Gun Kelly Betrayal YLO 124
Machine Gun Kelly Regret YLO 124
Billie Eilish Hope YLO 120
Billie Eilish God's:Plan YLO 120
Fall Out Boy Anger:Righteous YLO 93
Coldplay Love YLO 125
Imagine Dragons Attitude YLO 113
Imagine Dragons Emotions YLO 113
Jelly Roll Redemption YLO 132
Jelly Roll Accountability YLO 132
Jelly Roll Prayer YLO 132
Doja Cat Sex:Seduction YLO 127
Doja Cat Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 127
Camila Cabello Relationships YLO 110
Camila Cabello Addiction YLO 110
Camila Cabello Love:Romantic YLO 112
Camila Cabello Love YLO 110
Camila Cabello God's:Love YLO 112
Dua Lipa Dating YLO 110
Dua Lipa Diligence YLO 110
Meghan Trainor Sex:Purity YLO 103
Blake Shelton Love:Romantic YLO 119
Blake Shelton Love YLO 119
Various Artists God's:Holiness YLO 53
Carrie Underwood Sin MVL 112
Carrie Underwood Jesus' Sacrifice MVL 112
Carrie Underwood Sin YLO 123
Carrie Underwood Jesus' Sacrifice YLO 123
Carrie Underwood God's:Forgiveness MVL 112
Carrie Underwood Grace MVL 112
Carrie Underwood God's:Forgiveness YLO 123
Carrie Underwood Grace YLO 123
Barenaked Ladies God's:Care YLO 94
Lil Nas X Worldliness YLO 115
YoungBoy Never... Fame YLO 125
YoungBoy Never... Wealth/Money YLO 125
YoungBoy Never... Confidence,False:In Self YLO 125
Imagine Dragons Perseverance YLO 96
Charlie Puth Relationships YLO 102
Drake Worldliness YLO 103
Calvin Harris Relationships YLO 112
Calvin Harris Worship YLO 112
Calvin Harris Love YLO 112
Ariana Grande Love YLO 100
Maroon 5 Sin:Struggling With YLO 90
Lee Brice Lust YLO 121
Lee Brice Love:Romantic YLO 121
Lee Brice Independence YLO 121
Post Malone Relationships YLO 127
Post Malone Anger YLO 127
Post Malone Forgiveness YLO 127
Ozzy Osbourne Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 118
Taylor Swift Dating:Ungodly YLO 87
Doja Cat Pride YLO 133
Doja Cat Sex YLO 133
Doja Cat Self Centeredness YLO 133
Lil Nas X Encouragement YLO 117
Lil Nas X Friendship:Support YLO 117
Katy Perry God's:Love YLO 88
Justin Bieber Love:Romantic YLO 123
Ed Sheeran Relationships YLO 109
One Direction Integrity YLO 102
Ed Sheeran Love:Romantic YLO 109
Lady Gaga Love YLO 105
Kelsea Ballerini Growth YLO 105
Blackpink Sex:Seduction YLO 131
Blackpink Beauty YLO 131
Coi Leray Pride YLO 131
Coi Leray Success YLO 131
Coi Leray Wealth/Money YLO 131
Bastille Difficulties:Hope Within YLO 95
DJ Khaled Ambition YLO 120
DJ Khaled Success YLO 120
The Weeknd Compromise YLO 133
The Weeknd Fame YLO 133
The Weeknd Identity YLO 133
Ariana Grande Love:Sacrificial YLO 121
Ariana Grande Love:Romantic YLO 121
Sam Smith Prayer:Power of YLO 109
Ariana Grande Friendship:Peer Pressure YLO 97
Post Malone YLO 112
Paul McCartney Glorifying God YLO 95
Imagine Dragons Hope YLO 92
Lady Gaga Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 119
Lady Gaga Perseverance YLO 119
Lady Gaga Depression YLO 119
Lady Gaga Confidence YLO 119
Polo G Materialism YLO 123
Polo G Greed YLO 123
Taylor Swift Love:Unconditional YLO 126
Toby Keith Celebration YLO 87
Bailey Zimmerman Regret YLO 132
Bailey Zimmerman Love:Committed YLO 132
Bailey Zimmerman Heartbreak YLO 132
Various Artists Regeneration (New Life) YLO 63
Various Artists Life YLO 62
X Ambassadors Backsliding YLO 101
Drake Violence YLO 130
Drake Sex YLO 130
Drake Lust YLO 130
Oliver Anthony Betrayal YLO 132
Oliver Anthony Justice YLO 132
Oliver Anthony Social Action YLO 132
twenty one pilots Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 105
Katy Perry Evangelism:Witnessing YLO 94
DaBaby Alcohol/Drugs YLO 119
DaBaby Fear YLO 119
DaBaby Violence YLO 119
DaBaby Money YLO 119
Luke Bryan Perseverance YLO 98
MAGIC! Forgiveness YLO 97
Foo Fighters Freedom YLO 107
Capital Cities God's:Protection YLO 94
Selena Gomez Loss YLO 102
Jawsh Love YLO 122
Jawsh Self:Identity in Christ YLO 122
Doja Cat Love:Romantic YLO 120
Doja Cat Lust YLO 120
Doja Cat Relationships YLO 120
Justin Timberlake Strength YLO 110
Justin Timberlake Evangelism:Witnessing YLO 110
Justin Timberlake Faithfulness YLO 110
Justin Timberlake Testimony YLO 110
Alessia Cara Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 106
Drake Relationships YLO 131
Drake God's:Love YLO 131
Drake Security YLO 131
Adele God's:Faithfulness YLO 104
Shawn Mendes Sin YLO 116
Shawn Mendes Temptation YLO 116
Shawn Mendes Sex YLO 116
Shawn Mendes Relationships YLO 116
Kenny Chesney Zeal YLO 105
John Mayer Renewal YLO 88
Taylor Swift Hope YLO 98
Taylor Swift Self:Identity in Christ YLO 97
Lady Gaga Satisfaction YLO 114
Lady Gaga Sex YLO 114
Lady Gaga Popularity YLO 114
Lady Gaga Materialism YLO 114
Lady Gaga Dreams and Desires YLO 114
Lady Gaga Money YLO 114
Lady Gaga Fame YLO 114
Lady Gaga Alcohol/Drugs YLO 114
Ed Sheeran Dating:Godly YLO 106
Luke Combs Healing YLO 114
Luke Combs Brokenness YLO 114
5 Seconds Of Summer Motivation YLO 101
Ed Sheeran Joy YLO 126
Ed Sheeran Love YLO 126
Ed Sheeran Relationships YLO 126
Walk The Moon Obedience YLO 100
Travis Scott Submission YLO 114
Travis Scott Materialism YLO 114
Travis Scott Relationships YLO 114
Ariana Grande Sex:Purity YLO 106
Harry Styles Jesus:Return (Second Coming) YLO 107
Marshmello Words,Power of YLO 109
Florida Georgia Line Salvation YLO 113
Selena Gomez Love:Romantic YLO 133
Selena Gomez Dating YLO 133
Pearl Jam Death YLO 94
Drake Trust YLO 133
Drake Conflict YLO 133
Drake Relationships YLO 133
SZA Lust YLO 133
SZA Dating:Ungodly YLO 133
SZA Insecurity YLO 133
Demi Lovato Alcohol/Drugs YLO 112
Demi Lovato Addiction YLO 112
Demi Lovato Accountability YLO 112
Fun. Satisfaction YLO 89
The Chainsmokers Identity YLO 111
Walk Off The Earth God's:Love YLO 88
Gotye God's:Love YLO 88
Lewis Capaldi Love:Romantic YLO 117
Lewis Capaldi Relationships:Broken YLO 117
Zach Bryan Loss YLO 130
Zach Bryan Redemption YLO 130
Zach Bryan Hope:Within difficulties YLO 130
Carrie Underwood Grace YLO 98
The Chainsmokers God's:Power YLO 107
Jelly Roll Grace YLO 129
Jelly Roll Sin YLO 129
Jelly Roll Freedom YLO 129
Demi Lovato Love YLO 108
Dan and Shay Marriage YLO 114
Dan and Shay Love YLO 114
Rachel Platten Relationships YLO 102
The Weeknd Emptiness YLO 106
Florida Georgia Line Love:Romantic YLO 96
The Kid LAROI Self YLO 124
The Kid LAROI Relationships YLO 124
Sam Smith Loneliness YLO 97
One Direction Commitment YLO 98
Shawn Mendes Commitment YLO 101
twenty one pilots Self:Examination YLO 102
Kelly Clarkson Perseverance YLO 87
Taylor Swift Relationships YLO 100
Jonas Brothers Self:Identity in Christ YLO 114
Jonas Brothers Evangelism:God's Representatives YLO 114
Jonas Brothers Relationships YLO 114
Maroon 5 Love:Romantic YLO 100
Justin Timberlake Relationships YLO 91
Nicky Youre Dreams and Desires YLO 128
Nicky Youre Emotions YLO 128
Nicky Youre Lust YLO 128
Nicki Minaj Lust YLO 129
Nicki Minaj Sex:Seduction YLO 129
Nicki Minaj Sex YLO 129
Jason Aldean Priorities YLO 89
Hozier Sin YLO 99
Sam Hunt Time YLO 100
Khalid YLO 116
Van Halen Self:Identity in Christ YLO 87
Lorde Unity YLO 96
twenty one pilots Sacrifice YLO 101
Ariana Grande Thankfulness YLO 114
Ariana Grande Difficulties:Hope Within YLO 114
Lil Baby Justice YLO 120
Lil Baby Racism YLO 120
Maren Morris Priorities YLO 119
Maren Morris Confidence:In Christ YLO 119
Maren Morris Faith:Within Trials YLO 119
Roddy Ricch Money YLO 118
Roddy Ricch Materialism YLO 118
Carrie Underwood Spiritual Warfare YLO 110
Carrie Underwood Perseverance YLO 110
Various Artists Faith:Assurance YLO 107
James Newton-Howard Zeal YLO 99
Luke Combs Relationships YLO 129
Luke Combs Love:Romantic YLO 129
Luke Combs Love:For God YLO 129
Zedd Reconciliation YLO 111
U2 Thankfulness YLO 98
Eminem Sin Nature YLO 95
Mike Perry Bible,The YLO 104
Various Artists Reconciliation YLO 61
Disturbed Unity YLO 107
Deadmau5 Self Centeredness YLO 88
Billie Eilish Confidence YLO 122
Billie Eilish Confidence,False YLO 122
Billie Eilish Self Centeredness YLO 122
Ed Sheeran Love YLO 100
Keala Settle God's:Creation YLO 111
Keala Settle Words,Power of YLO 111
Keala Settle Appearance YLO 111
Calvin Harris Sex:Seduction YLO 104
Macklemore Materialism YLO 91
Imagine Dragons Change YLO 108
Imagine Dragons Growth YLO 108
Imagine Dragons Perseverance YLO 108
David Guetta Words,Power of YLO 90
Bad Bunny Love:Committed YLO 129
Bad Bunny Love:Romantic YLO 129
Drake Conflict YLO 105
Drake Intimacy YLO 105
Drake Authenticity YLO 104
Sam Smith Relationships:Broken YLO 108
Sam Smith Love:Romantic YLO 108
Drake Eternity:vs. Temporal YLO 120
Drake Materialism YLO 120
Drake Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 120
Shawn Mendes Self:Identity in Christ YLO 104
Shawn Mendes Dating YLO 105
Lizzo Divorce YLO 117
Lizzo Jealousy YLO 117
Lizzo Dating:Ungodly YLO 117
Lizzo Relationships YLO 117
Colbie Caillat Beauty YLO 97
Fall Out Boy Love:Unconditional YLO 100
Mark Ronson Self:Image/Uniqueness YLO 99
Miley Cyrus Maturity YLO 133
Miley Cyrus Growth YLO 133
Miley Cyrus Healing YLO 133
Gwen Stefani Relationships YLO 102
Olivia Rodrigo Relationships YLO 132
Olivia Rodrigo Deceit YLO 132
Olivia Rodrigo Love YLO 132
Doja Cat Love YLO 129
Doja Cat Forgiveness YLO 129
Doja Cat Grace YLO 129
Darius Rucker Renewal YLO 92
Future Alcohol/Drugs YLO 128
Future Relationships YLO 128
Future Rejection YLO 128
Daughtry Salvation YLO 95
Avicii Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 94
Cardi B Sex:Lust/Pornography YLO 120
Cardi B God's:Creation YLO 120
Cardi B Sex:Purity YLO 120
Kanye West Holy Spirit:Empowerment MVL 109
Kanye West Justice MVL 109
Kanye West Holy Spirit:Empowerment YLO 120
Kanye West Racism YLO 120
Kanye West Change MVL 109
Kanye West Racism MVL 109
Kanye West Justice YLO 120
Major Lazer Sin:Temptation YLO 93
Harry Styles Marriage YLO 120
Harry Styles Love YLO 120
Harry Styles Sex:Purity YLO 120
Taylor Swift God's:Forgiveness YLO 90
Miley Cyrus Choices YLO 93
Charlie Puth Prayer YLO 105
Various Artists Reconciliation YLO 126
Various Artists Family:Relationships YLO 126
Various Artists Prejudice YLO 126
Skrillex Friendship:Support YLO 88
Pink World,The YLO 109
Pink Betrayal YLO 109
Pink Intolerance YLO 109
Justin Bieber Honesty YLO 101
Maroon 5 Relationships YLO 109
Maroon 5 Love YLO 109
One Direction Beauty YLO 88
Billie Eilish God's:Plan YLO 132
Imagine Dragons Success YLO 110
Imagine Dragons Dreams and Desires YLO 110
Bruno Mars Love:For God YLO 92
Adele Restoration YLO 102
John Mayer Love:Unconditional YLO 95
Normani Sex:Purity YLO 125
Normani Lust YLO 125
Normani Sex:Seduction YLO 125
John Mayer Righteousness YLO 93
Taylor Swift Relationships YLO 122
Taylor Swift Frustration YLO 122
Taylor Swift Love YLO 122
Halsey Jealousy YLO 115
Halsey Disappointment YLO 115
Halsey Insecurity YLO 115
Selena Gomez Desire YLO 109
Shawn Mendes Relationships YLO 121
Shawn Mendes Love:Romantic YLO 121
Shawn Mendes Self:Examination YLO 121
Rihanna Grace YLO 103
Fifth Harmony Sex:Purity YLO 101
Post Malone Alcohol/Drugs YLO 116
Post Malone Worldliness YLO 116
Post Malone Greed YLO 116
Post Malone Money YLO 116
Miley Cyrus Friendship:Broken YLO 94
Jason Aldean Love YLO 111
Jason Aldean Relationships YLO 111
Taylor Swift Words,Power of YLO 116
Taylor Swift Forgiveness YLO 116
Taylor Swift God's:Goodness YLO 116
Morgan Wallen Grief YLO 130
Morgan Wallen Relationships YLO 130
Morgan Wallen Alcohol/Drugs YLO 130
Khalid Life:Purpose/Meaning YLO 108
Khalid Adolescence YLO 108
5 Seconds Of Summer Sin:Temptation YLO 113
5 Seconds Of Summer Alcohol/Drugs YLO 113
5 Seconds Of Summer Jealousy YLO 113
Billie Eilish Sex:Rape YLO 123
Billie Eilish Sex:Abuse YLO 123
Billie Eilish Betrayal YLO 123
Taylor Swift Insecurity YLO 129
Taylor Swift Confidence:In Self YLO 129
Taylor Swift Friendship:Broken YLO 129
Justin Bieber Love:Romantic YLO 118
Justin Bieber God's:Love YLO 118
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