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The relationship between Tobymac and interl'inc goes back a long way – almost twenty years. In fact, you could call it a friendship, a partnership in using music to minister to high school kids. Tobymac has always been on the leading edge of Christian music. His life backs up the message of his music. He has a heart for youth leaders and a passion for young people. Here is an excerpt from a conversation that interl'inc President Allen Weed and Tobymac had.

AW: What do you wish a youth worker would do in the two weeks before taking his or her group to one of your concerts?
TM: I encourage them to look for something more than just the party. Of course we are going to have a party and we are going to drop the joy bomb, but there is something more there - if you look for it you will find it. There is something deeper, whether it's a deeper pursuit of happiness, or bringing a friend that has never heard about that hope they can have in Christ. I love when people bring their friends because they may fall in love with the music and that may create an opportunity for God to do something really cool.

AW: What do you hope kids will walk out the back door with at end of your concert?
TM: I hope that people walk out of the concert not with Tobymac's name on their lips but with Jesus' name on their lips. I hope that they decide to pursue Christ more passionately, to love people more intently, and to look for a vision in their life that they can pursue.

AW: What do you have in mind when you sing, "If you gotta start somewhere, why not here? If you gotta start sometime, why not now?"
TM: The reason I say, "If you gotta to start somewhere why not here?" and "Tonight's the night" is because (for me) it starts tonight. I have always believed there's no better time to change than right now. I know music can't change the world, but I do believe that God chooses to use music. A concert experience - that's where everything goes down for me. That's where...
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