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“Join us on the Streaming Joy Project!”
There’s a big need for JOY in our world today. Life is full of stress, all we hear is news—online, TV, social media. Everywhere people need HOPE and people need JOY! for KING & COUNTRY’s new song “JOY” and their upcoming album Burn The Ships is filled with songs of JOY that point kids to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
We want to stream this message of JOY BIG TIME…
Drake’s Album “Scorpion” is streaming explicit messages around the globe…in fact it broke all streaming records with 1 BILLION streams in the first week it released. That’s why we are doing the Streaming “Joy” Project and Youth Group Contest with youth ministries around the world. Joel and Luke are seriously committed to student ministry so… 
What if 1000 Youth Groups with 30 students stream JOY 100 times each?
What if 5000 Youth Groups with 30 students stream JOY 200 times each? Stream it, share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
You get the picture! We could have 1 Million, 5 Million, 20 Million + “JOY” Streams!!! 
So here’s the deal…
  1. Say “Yes! Our group is going to stream JOY between now and October 12” in an email to
  2. We will send you a video of Joel and Luke talking about the Streaming Joy Project for you to share with your group  
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