How To

Seen on BuzzFeed: This Retirement Community Dressed Up As Their Favorite Movies And Bands For An Adorable Calendar Check out all the images here. What a fun idea for a fundraiser …

Home, REALLY Home, Missions

Editor’s Note: This article was written as the Letter From The Editor for the current edition of Youth Leaders Only Last night I participated in a youth ministry midweek meeting where I got to introduce one of my...

Made You Laugh

Ever thought about parachuting onto a giant slip-n-slide? We hadn’t either … until now! HT to Relevant Magazine for this one.

Hottest pool dunk ever

No, I’m sorry, your church liability policy doesn’t include jumping through hoops of fire.

The 5 Most Dangerous Apps Your Kids are Using Right Now

Guest post by Mark Adkison, Co-Founder of and Team interlinc member As part of my job, I typically surf around social media sites and try to find the lay of the land, figure out the apps...