Why There Is A Shortage Of Student Ministers And What Can Be Done About It

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1 Response

  1. Brian says:

    As one who has been living the calling in Student Ministry since 1978 and at my current church since 1988, I agree with many points of this article. However, in these days of children being thrust into what were formerly “student situations” at earlier ages, the NextGen type strategy is greatly needed. Yes, Student Ministry is still valid, it is why I still feel called at this time to do it. However, after all of these years, I am praying about feeling the leading of God into a “Senior Pastor” role to highlight the need for the total church to be involved in disciple making including Student Ministry. Still having a Student Ministry and Minister, but under the umbrella of a birth to College mindset of development. In most ways these are very different days from when I started 45 years ago right out of High School. However, we are still facing the same battles, just on different fronts.