Grammy Awards Audience With Cardi B’s Salacious Burlesque Show

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2 Responses

  1. Renee says:

    You do know that racism and expressing your own sexuality are two totally different things right. In the case of the Dr. Suess books, the estate decided to remove the 6 books from being printed because the language and depictions that were made decades ago where widely used at the time and have long since been explained to derogatory and racist. That’s progress and it’s a good thing.

    What happened on the Grammys was 2 artist expressing their art. Was it my taste? No. Do I think it was honoring to God? No. But that’s not what the Grammys are about. And that performance was not that much more salacious than anything I’ve seen pretty much every year. And they did give a warning to parents. They gave a list of performers and what songs they would sing days in advance. As a parent myself, if I had wanted to watch it with my child and was concerned about the content I could have taken the time to look up the list and decide if it was appropriate. (My kid is 3 and was in bed already so I recorded it and just let him watch BTS the next day because we love dancing to their music.)

    While I understand your outrage at a performance that wasn’t to your taste, please don’t compare it to a legitimate attempt to of an estate to do the correct thing and do the actual work of reversing our out of date racist stereotypes.

  2. Rod Schutte says:

    So what? Who is really backing you up in this at the grass roots? Do we boycott? Do we send letters? I know there are alternative entertainment venues, but are Christ followers pursuing these or mearly walking in a fog. Do we comprehend how far we have fallen into te debauchery that your article reveals? How many decades did it take to go fom not allowing the word “pregnancy” to be spoken to the Grammy’s “display”? Not very many. At this very moment, I feel like we have lost so much ground, and it will never be made up. I mourn the fact that we will not be going back to any better sense of morality in this nation.
    All that being said, thank you for your article, and I pray many many parents read it and forward your message on.