Equipping Students To Live In A WAP World

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1 Response

  1. Calvin Morris says:

    Hello Interlinc, I would like to thank you for your ministry and resources to students and their ministers. Thank you for all the years of helping us help our students. Although I am not currently an Interlinc subscriber, I was for many years and have pointed many others to your resourced. I do still receive emails from you and try to receive what I can from those emails. Yesterday I received the disturbing email from you that I am responding to. Call me old fashioned or whatever but I think it most inappropriate that you would send this email that refers to “WAP”. You could have sent an encouraging email to help us address some of these issues but to actually refer to this song is pushing the envelope for me.I am very aware that our students listen to and see this stuff all of the time but for those few that don’t, I surely don’t want to be the one to introduce it to them. If I am being honest, I was appalled when I did a Google search to see what it meant. Being a youth pastor I guard close the things I see and what my computer is used for. I now have a search for “what is WAP” in my history. I know we must be real with our students, which I try to do but some things don’t need to be put in our face and we surely don’t need to hint at them so that our students who may not be into this culture are sent searching to see what it is about. I could go on but I think you get where I’m going with this. I did not need to see those lyrics! Thank you again for being such a great resource over the years.