Tuesday Tools: Video “Drop-ins” from your fav artists

Every Music Video Loop DVD includes a section called “Artist Drop-Ins”. These are what I like to call “Public Service Announcements” from some of your favorite artists for your group. You can snag these videos and incorporate them as a lead in for your own video announcements, or just use them from the DVD as an intro to your “live” announcement time.

We have fun putting these together, and the artists always get a kick out of doing them.

We’ve got a pretty good library of Drop-Ins from past MVLs on our website. Click here to peruse the list, and download a few to use with your group. I promise, your kids will be impressed!

P.S. Yes, that graphic is from the new, upcoming Music Video Loop! You can preview the loop here. YLO Members – MVL74 will be INSIDE your August YLO box, so be looking for it!

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