You never know …

Mark shared his thoughts a while back about the “hidden gems” on the CDs in every YLO box. I was cleaning up our youtube channel today and stumbled across this video. It’s a great reminder that we don’t always know what songs are going to impact our students.

Then an article I read today reminded me of the story we’d already heard from Adam Young (aka Owl City) about the young fan who shared with him that one of his songs made her change her mind about taking her own life.

Music has a powerful influence on students’ lives – both positive and negative. And while we may gravitate to one song or artist or style of music, we never know what is going to speak to our students.

So, if you’re already a Youth Leaders Only member, take this as a gentle nudge to be generous with your music. Get your music collection off the soundboard and out of the church building! Share it with your kids, and let them discover some great music on their own.

If you’re not an interlinc member, think about ways that you can introduce great Christian music and artists to your students. (Obviously, we think YLO is a great way to do that!) Give them the opportunity to discover something that speaks to them.

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