Thinking Ahead

I’m guessing right now all you have time to think about is the next event on your calendar — whether it’s final prep for camp, helping out with your church’s VBS, or getting things together for the-best-ever-pool-party-extravaganza, summer is full of fun events. But we all know part of the purpose behind all those activities is to provide an avenue to connect with new kids and new families.

As you establish new relationships, you’re probably already thinking of ways to continue to connect and grow those bonds. Maybe you’re already working on your fall plans, mapping out lessons, topics and events. Maybe not. Either way, we’ve got some things you probably want to go ahead and put in your toolbox for the next season in your student ministry.

Working With Parents
The latest edition of Youth Leaders Only features a “Parents” theme, and there are some great tools for you to offer parents to encourage them in their responsibilities.

  • Click here to download the article “Raising A Soul Surfer” by Cheri Hamilton from YLO84.

Special Editions
In fact, every edition of YLO features a theme, and some of the most requested we offer as “Special Editions.” Topics include sex and dating, evangelism and middle school – topics that every student ministry will cover at some point. Check out this clip from “The Naked Truth: The New Sexuality and Youth Ministry.”

Here come the newbies!
End of summer is a big transition time – for your ministry and for your students. As a new group of youngsters join your group, our Surviving Middle School book and CD is a great tool to help everyone adjust.

  • Download our 6 week guide to starting middle school small groups.

Learn how to add any or all of these resources to your ministry toolbox here.

Enjoy your summer! And as you look ahead to the fall, we hope your student ministry toolbox is well stocked with great resources … and plenty of coffee.

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