It’s GRAD Time! Tobymac, Lecrae, For KING & COUNTRY, NF, Lauren Daigle Have Music & Messages For The Class of 2019!

ConGRADulations! is the grad gift of choice of 25,000 youthworkers with 1.3 million grads receiving it over the past 2 decades. Tobymac, For KING & COUNTRY, Lecrae, NF, Lauren Daigle offer their songs and messages to help your grads make the biggest transition of their life. Here is an excerpt from the ConGRADulations! Class of 2019 Youthworker Guide.

It is the end of another beginning. Depending on whom you talk to, it is known as either “graduation”or “commencement.”The “graduation” crowd is mostly made up of the graduating Senior Class. They see this as the time that they finally come of age and bring to a close their childhood. At graduation, they tend to want to look back, to remember the fun things they did as children together.

Those who see this event as “commencement” tend to be parents, school officials, and youth leaders. We can see very clearly the future that looms just over the horizon for the Senior Class of 2019. We want our Grads to look ahead and make the wisest choices they can; choices that we adults know shape a person’s entire lifetime.

The surest way to see if a Senior is concentrating on “graduation” or “commencement” is to ask them a simple question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Upon hearing that question, some students will look a little sheepish, smile self-consciously, and innocently shrug their shoulders. Others will stammer out something that makes little sense, but sounds suspiciously like something their parents would like them to say.

No matter how much your Grads want to focus on the past, their minds unwillingly sneak past graduation and look into the misty fog of the future. They wonder if they are doing the right things with their life. They question the directions they are headed. They hope everything will fall into place and work out well. That’s the reason behind the ConGRADulations! Youthworker Guide resource.

The GRAD Youthworker Guide
Use this material to plan an event or series for your graduating Seniors that will encourage them to celebrate their past, to reinforce the core values of a Christian, and to provide them with some skills they will need in their near future. Through the three sessions and the Grads-only experiences you provide, your graduating Seniors will reaffirm their unique position, and resolutely determine to pursue the dream that God has for them.

Using the music and interactive elements of ConGRADulations to reinforce the Biblical message makes sense. Most youth leaders are aware that teenagers listen to a lot of music. From the time they wake up in the morning until they fall asleep at night, music is the soundtrack of their lives. Its impact is undeniable. By making use of this ConGRADulations resource you will be tying into the power of music in the lifestyles of your grads. By getting the ConGRADulations playlist onto their phones, you’ll be achieving the much-sought-after double-whammyeffect: they discover the truth during your sessions, and then that truth is reinforced every time they listen to the playlist.

Get The ConGRADulations! Resources. Give ConGRADulations! To Your Seniors!

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