What Worked With Me – From a Guy’s Perspective

By Jon Brockman, Snohomish Washington

High school is a fun and exciting time in life. I loved my high school experience—but that’s not to say that there weren’t times along the way that were difficult.

I didn’t experience any family death, family divorce, or other major event like so many kids my age do; but there were still issues that made this special time a hard and stressful one for me.

Many factors went into keeping my faith through my high school experience. Basketball was a major part of all my high school years, and the time with friends made memories that will last forever. My relationship with God, and with the people that helped me along my way, was most important.

The people who were there for me and who cared about me helped keep my faith strong while I was going through this fun yet scary time. The only thing they wanted was for me to be successful and happy.

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They showed me that only God gives happiness, and that all the material things in the world can’t give me what God offers. They let me know that being involved in ministry is very important—whether in youth group, small group, leading younger kids, or anything that involves growing spiritually.

We are all different and have other things going on in our lives, so what is right for me may not be right for everyone else. I was never pressured into being involved and leading in every single thing possible. The people in my life never made me feel that I was less of a Christian if I wasn’t at every single church event. They understood my involvement

in basketball and other activities meant that maybe youth group wasn’t the thing for me. That was why

some of my friends and I started a small group every Thursday before school. In a way, my mentors let me choose what worked for me.

Everyone needs to find his or her personal way to be connected in ministry. This is not to say that my leaders didn’t challenge me. There were many times they pointed out to me a personal issue that they saw could change or would work better. In a way, the people in my life were just looking out for me and watching what I did—making sure I was doing the right thing. I believe this was the most important thing that helped make my high school experience and life an enjoyable one.

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