The Counter Culture

By Allen Weed / interlinc / Franklin, Tennessee

Chuck Girard of pioneer Jesus Movement band Love Song
sharing with group of CCM musicians.

Last evening I had the unusual privilege to spend several hours with a group of artist-pioneers of Christian music.

Among the group were Bob Bennett, Rob Frazier (of early Petra), Bruce Carroll, Scott Wesley Brown, and Love Song’s Chuck Girard.

Many songs, great worship, and fabulous insights were shared about those special days when the Jesus Movement spread across our land and millions (many of us in the group included) understood and embraced a personal relationship with Jesus.

Over the next few weeks I hope to use Thursdays to share thoughts about those revival days so those of us in current day student ministry can ask the Lord of the Harvest to do it again.

A thought from Chuck Girard last evening: Love Song’s music was never an end in itself. It was a vehicle to convey their story. The story of a group of counter-culture hippies captured by the love of Christ who were on fire to share the truth of the Gospel with anyone they could.

More coming … but for starters, their song  “Little Country Church” (here’s your Spotify link) tells the story of the revival that took place in Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Yours for using music and media to share the Good News with students,


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