By Allen Weed | interlínc | Franklin, Tennessee |

We all know that kids love music. To be effective in student ministry we have to stay on top of the entertainment media that our kids swim in 9 hours everyday.

So…what are the BIG 3?

ACCESS – Everything moves SO fast… how does a youthworker keep up with the youth culture world? We keep you informed about and give you “insider” ACCESS to the artists, their upcoming music, videos, concerts.  With little expense of time or money we do the work to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the best and newest Christian music, worship music and mainstream music.

GROUP RESOURCES  – We don’t stop with just giving you ACCESS.  We equip you with tools that allow you to use the artist and their music in your youth group meetings – Video Loop-YouTube Playlists, Bible Studies, Thematic Listings Of Songs, Mainstream Discussion Starters. Worship Band Resources and more.

MUSIC TO EARBUDS RESOURCES – TThis is where the student ministry impact explodes! What if you could get songs that tie to your weekly teaching time into your kids’ earbuds and grab some of that 9 hours of every day entertainment media? This is where we really help. Old school was a CD Lending Library (remember that resource??)…. Now it’s 100 times better! A Spotify or Apple playlist link that you can send directly to your students’ phones… Now we’re talking!

With the big changes in the way music is consumed by students (90% of high school students listen to their music through a streaming service)…  we have the greatest opportunity ever to get Christ-honoring music into kids’ earbuds….

interlinc and YLO are continuing to evolve from 1.0 (CDs and physical) to 2.0 (downloads) and now to 3.0 (a hybrid of downloads and streaming). The good news is…

You are getting the tools for ACCESS, GROUP RESOURCES, and EARBUD RESOURCES and the price keeps going down down down.

Be watching for the newer, faster, cheaper YLO 3.0!

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