What’s Expected of a Youth Leader at a Meeting?

This is a special cross-ministry “guest” blog by our Editor, Ken McCoy – the Emperor of JumpStart Ministries. He originally posted it at JumpStart’s website, and gave us permission to repost it here. Thanks, Ken!


Okay, so it’s an hour before the youth meeting is supposed to start, and you’re wondering why you should go. You don’t have any responsibilities for the program, and this has been a tough few days. You could use the time off. After all, they don’t need you there, right?


Here are nine essential tasks that MUST be accomplished BY YOU if this youth meeting is going to be effective ministry. So, get off the couch, start thinking of all the great kids you’re about to interact with, and go for it!

  1. Be in Prayer: Before you even come, pray about the meeting. Pray for the person who will be teaching, and pray that God will use you to minister to students.
  2. Be Early: The times before and after the meeting are your prime ministry opportunities. Please be at least fifteen minutes early for the meeting.
  3. Be Positive: Portray a positive and enthusiastic…

You can read the rest of the nine items here. Copy/Paste/Print and share this with your volunteers!

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