Tuesday Tools: Unpacking Camp

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Our primary focus is music and media resources, but one of the best kept secrets about Youth Leaders Only is that every edition has a theme that relates to student ministry. The first section of every Music Resource Book includes articles written by veteran youth leaders on topics like evangelism, being a “rookie” youth leader, technology and more.

The current edition of YLO features the theme “Camp”, and as always there are some great articles, ideas, stories and belly laughs from our amazing group of writers. One of the articles, written by Paul Turner, is directed at parents and discusses their role in helping their student “unpack” camp after they get home.

I converted Paul’s article to an easy to download and copy PDF that you can share with your parents. If you’re wrapping up camp plans and getting those last minute “here’s what you need to know” pieces in place for parents, print this and add it to your folder (or link to it on your site). There’s some great insight from a veteran youth leader about how parents should engage with their students  post-camp.

Click here to download the PDF.

Editor’s Note: If you recognize Paul’s name, it’s because he’s been a part of our writing team for YLO for years. Paul lives and serves at a church in Alabama that was devastated by the tornadoes last week. Join us as we continue to pray for Paul, his church and community, and all those affected by the storms.

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