The Video Music Awards scream SEX SEX SEX!

By Todd Pearage, New Hanover UMC, Gilbertsville, PA,


The MTV VMAs scream SEX SEX SEX! This night is clearly more about how many times you can twerk and how little you can wear and less about artistry of music and entertainment. Years ago we all screamed “I want my MTV”…today I’m screaming “just put some clothes on”.

I know this isn’t new, but (and maybe I’m getting older) it is getting worse. And the more we celebrate this hyper sexualization the more sexual these shows will become.

Why did DJ Khaled have a two different sneakers wrapped around his neck all night? Please tell me that’s not going to be a thing.

Finally Key and Peel were so not funny. I think I’ll tweet that.

Maybe they know, maybe they don’t, but MTV and so many of these artists make it very difficult for us to do our job. As youth pastors we try to teach our students to be an example in their speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. And then I watch this and wonder if that message is being heard and how to be even more effective.

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