Tuesday Tools: Lecrae’s video “Background”

I have to admit that Lecrae is one of my go-to artists. You know the ones … a particular band or artist that, when you just don’t know what kind of music you’re in the mood for, you automatically go looking for in your playlist.

We first included one of his albums in Youth Leaders Only in 2006, and youth leaders (and their kids) loved it! His hip hop style is smooth, and his lyrics are no-holds-barred, straight up about Jesus. The man’s faith resonates in every beat.

Lecrae’s latest video is featured on our new Music Video Loop (MVL) DVD – he’s even the cover artist for the Video Resource Book. Check out the Bible study and see if it’s something you can use this week in your student ministry.

  • Watch the video for “Background” ft. C-Lite
  • Download the PDF Bible study
  • Bonus: check out this interview Lecrae did with CNN.
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