Parenting, Teenagers, and Technology

This Huffington Post UK article caught our eye this week.

As the parent of an elementary schooler, I’m thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve quickly learned that things I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with for a few more years … like online safety and cyberbullying … are a part of being in elementary school.

Here’s one of my biggest takeaways from this article:

So approach the internet talk like you would the sex talk and be clear, honest and non-hysterical. Tell them that there are things on the internet that might seem naughty or funny, but are in fact probably staged, made up, or might well have hurt someone (or several people) in the creation of them. 

For me, this means talking about it BEFORE it happens. My daughter just brought home her first “research” assignment this week, and she’s going to be looking up things online for her presentation to her class. I don’t want to wait until something “bad” appears in her Google search or on YouTube, so we’ve already started talking about the fact there are things online that are not good for her to watch (or for mommy and daddy to watch, for that matter).

This might be a great article to share and start some conversations with parents of your youth group students.

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