Let The Music Tell The Story

061115_ylo100_30stories_blogsEditor’s Note: This is one of a series of 30 Stories that appeared in the 100th edition of Youth Leaders Only. Make sure you check out the other great stories  from this special edition celebrating 30 years of YLO. 

We started working closely with Lisa, Andrea, and Danielle (known as Out of Eden) soon after they did their first record. We soon found that they had a great love for God’s Word and for teenagers (because they were teenagers themselves!) As we did more and more TalkBack meetings between youth leaders and the girls, what emerged was a tremendous heart to minister to the real needs of young girls.

Out Of Eden
Out Of Eden

We connected Out of Eden with several female youth ministry denominational leaders. They identified the key issues that the teenage girls were facing. The Out of Eden girls started writing songs, and our writers began working on the scope and sequence for the video and instructional package around these six key issues:

  • Discovering Life’s Destiny and Purpose
  • Finding Security and Acceptance
  • Maintaining Modesty and Fashion in Today’s World
  • Discerning God’s Views On Dating and Sexual Purity
  • Overcoming Abuse
  • Sorting Out Parental Relationships

The outcome was spectacular—and over 15,000 girls went through theOut of Eden Girls’ Event materials during the next year.

The Out of Eden Youth Event
The Out Of Eden Youth Event

We have worked with Team interlínc Artists in developing dozens of youth events including:

  • Petra’s “This Means War” Youth Event and “On Fire” Youth Event
  • Steve Taylor’s “I Predict The 1990’s” Youth Event
  • DC TALK’s “Largest Youth Group Lock-In”
  • Tobymac’s “City On Our Knees” Youth Event and “Speak Life” Youth Event
  • “ROCK’N U” Youth Event
  • Owl City’s “Good Time Youth Event”
  • The “Beach Party” Youth Event
  • Uncle Si’s “Si-cology 1” Youth Event”
  • …and many more
The Steve Taylor Youth Event
The Steve Taylor Youth Event

Here’s why these events are so popular with Youth Leaders Only members: when a youth leader combine the power of music and media with the power of God’s Truth, their students are more likely to internalize what they encounter. That means that their lives will change as God’s Word works it way from their heads into their hearts!

There’s another reason Youth Leaders Only members love these events so such: teenagers are “event” oriented. They need something “fun” to look forward to—preferably something a few weeks away from now. Think of those anticipated events as highlights on their calendar during the year. The Youth Events that we’ve created help youth leaders have enough “events” during the year to keep the momentum, enthusiasm, and anticipation flowing!

Finally, the Youth Events that YLO members have available to them help them plan better camps, retreats, overnighters, and other special events. So much of the “work” of planning those things has already been done, so youth leaders can focus on the students and other issues about those events.

There is no doubt, when you let the music tell the story, good things happen!

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