Music & Sports – A Winning Combo

061115_ylo100_30stories_blogsEditor’s Note: This is one of a series of 30 Stories that appeared in the 100th edition of Youth Leaders Only. Make sure you check out the other great stories  from this special edition celebrating 30 years of YLO. 

There are not two more synergistic elements in student ministry than sports and music. Athletes listen to music all the time and want to be musicians. Musicians want to be athletes. Music is the “game before the game”. There is one thing that is true all the time before a game – the athlete is listening to his music. We have involved artists and their music on many projects Pump’d workout music FCA, a special edition of YLO53 (2003), More Than Gold music projects in over 100 countries with Major Sports Event Partnership (1996, 2000, 2002), and Athletes In Action World Cup Outreach 2010.



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