What An Amazing 10 Days for KING & COUNTRY Has Had!

Imagine for a moment that you were in a band (and what youth leader hasn’t imagined that?). Now, imagine that over the course of ten days, your band would play events for YouTube and Sirius XM, rock multiple sold-out arena shows, perform on The TODAY Show and cap everything off by winning two Grammy Awards. Pretty intense, right?

Well, our Team interlinc Members for KING & COUNTRY did exactly that over the last ten days and we are so excited for them.

And how about this for a commitment to student ministry? In the midst of this insane whirlwind of a schedule, Luke and Joel took time out to Skype with the youth group at Wildwood Baptist Church in Acworth, GA. The Wildwood youth group won our “No Shave November” contest and a for KING & COUNTRY “virtual-visit” to their Wednesday night meeting. Here’s what Youth Pastor Terry Huey said after their call:

The guys had a really great spirit with the students. They answered every question that was asked, encouraged the students and the leaders, sang with us, and prayed over the students and our ministry. They are the real deal!

Now, that’s the focus on the things that are important!

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They are walking out Matthew 6:33 that promises that if we “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all these things will be given to us.”  These guys’ commitment to serving the church, and specifically young people, is a big deal and part of their DNA as a band. We are honored to be partners in youth ministry with them.

If you want to know more about for KING & COUNTRY, please visit their interlinc artist page. Plus for a limited time everyone (not just YLO Members) can get the complete youth group session built around their song “Fix My Eyes” and see how you can get  Bible studies, chord charts and tons more youth ministry resources for your youth group!

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  1. Harrison says:

    These guys are so encouraging. This is great news for them, and for all of us that support music containing solid truth, honest lyrics, and a fresh sound as good as anything else out there. Looking forward to more groups like them coming to forefront, leading the body of Christ in a renewed effort to run wild, live free and love strong!

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