We’re Thankful for You …

It’s Thanksgiving week, and one of the things we’re most thankful for is that we get to serve alongside so many amazing youth leaders, volunteers and pastors. THANK YOU for everything you do for students! Tobymac sums up our feelings pretty well with this song!

Editor’s note: This discussion starter for “Thankful For You” was written by Dan Schewe from Faith Lutheran Church in Rogers, Minnesota

Teaching Point
We can do nothing on our own; be thankful to those who have helped us.

Opening Questions
What is something you have done that you are proud of, or that was important to you? Who helped you or made it possible? Who are you thankful for?

The Song
Explain that TobyMac has learned something about gratitude. Ask the students to listen carefully to see what he communicates in “Thankful 4 You.” Play the song.

Just like Toby, everything we have or have done is possible because of the efforts of others.

Bible Study
The great leader Moses wasn’t always so great. When he was a baby he got a lot of help that allowed him to become a great man. Take a look at the familiar story of his birth in Exodus 2:1-10. Without Pharaohs’ daughter, her servants, his sister, and his mother he would have perished as a child. Do you think Moses was thankful for them?

Most of us are not famous, and neither was an unnamed man in Luke 5:17-26. He was paralyzed.

His friends heard about Jesus and decided to take him to Him. Unfortunately they couldn’t get in the front door to the place where Jesus was because it was too crowded. Instead of giving up, they went on the roof and made a hole to lower their friend down. Obviously this man was thankful for Jesus’ healing, but do you think he was thankful for the actions of his friends?

Ultimately, we are all dependant on what Jesus has done for us. He came and died to make things right between God and us. Paul helps us see a wonderful aspect of this in Philippians 3:12-14. We all should try to live a life of love and follow the model of Jesus.

But Paul admits that he has not yet achieved this, but as he strives to live this life the wonderful thing is that Christ has already taken hold of him and is drawing him into this very life he is striving for!

Everything we are and do is possible because of the people who support us, and really because of God. Take a moment this week to thank the people who havehelped you get where you are. Also, think about who you know that might need a hand. Remember, you are blessed – and are to be a blessing.


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