“Us” and “Them” and Superman

Did anybody else read the editorial “What Evangelicals Can Learn from Superman” in USA Today over the weekend? Written by Tom Krattenmaker, the column talks about the shift in the way many Christians are choosing to engage with culture (specifically the new “Man of Steel” movie, but more generally with music, media and pop culture).

When it comes to secular pop culture, evangelical America has come a long way since the days of “hit and run” — hit, as in condemn, and run, as in teach your kids and flocks that this stuff is to be avoided like the devil.

Whether it’s movies or music, I think most youth leaders have been ahead of the curve in this area. But it’s interesting to see a “trend” (although I hope it’s much more than that) being recognized.

More recently, there has been a growing understanding that walls meant to protect Christians have also barred them from participating in a secular culture that, for all its crass commercialization and glorified sex and violence, offers much that is enlightening and uplifting. The increasingly common call in evangelical America: Engage culture. Learn from it. Create it, with or without the explicit faith references.

What about you? Have you seen “Man of Steel”? Are you talking to your students about the movie? Do you see a shift in the way others in your church community are engaging with popular culture?

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2 Responses to “Us” and “Them” and Superman

  1. I took my youth group to see the movie and we loved it. Before hand we had talked about all the Christ references in the trailers and I challenged them to look for Christ-like images in the movie. Many did and we talked about it later.
    We have to engage culture as youth pastors. We are in the world but not of the world. If we act like we are not in the world,we will seem like we don’t care about society around us.

    Good article, keep it coming!

  2. Jason says:

    I recently saw The Man of Steel and I was impressed. There has always been the ‘God’ analogy with Superman in the comics. A man sends his only sin to Earth so that the people there may be lead into a better world by his son. Another note is that, Superman has ALWAYS been lauded as in the prime of life at the ripe age of 29. However, in that movie he is 33. Not too much difference but it is worth noting that Jesus was 33 when He died and rose from the grave! These are worth a mention to students and that there is a Christian presence in Hollywood. Do not mistake my meaning here, Hollywood is ALL about making money and Christians go to the movies! Naturally they will produce more Christian movies or movies that have Christian themes to them. But there are still caveats that we can focus on and get our youth to pick up on as well. And that is valuable.

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