Caffeinating for a cause

Guest post by interlinc staffer Phil Baker

YLO member opens missional coffeehouse
John chapter 4 tells the story of a life changing conversation that took place at a well.  The same thing happens almost every day at a Nashville coffeehouse appropriately named The Well.

Walking into this humble establishment, it doesn’t seem different from any other watering hole.  There are comfy chairs, free wi-fi and outlets for your laptop.  But look closer and you’ll notice something deeper is brewing.

“At any given time, a group of students or theologians or disciples might sit at a table inside The Well and discuss the mission of Jesus while seeing an opportunity to push away from the table and embody that mission.” says Youth Minister and YLO member Rob Touchstone, one of the founders of The Well.  “Let’s consider the implications of this for a moment.  You could be sitting in The Well discussing Jesus’ words about the poor and at any given moment have an opportunity to put those words into practice when a poor man walks in the door.  You might be discussing Jesus’ teachings about the inclusive nature of the kingdom and at any given moment have an opportunity to embrace the person who walks in the door who doesn’t look like you.  You might be sitting at a table discussing compassion when an opportunity walks in the door through the broken heart of one who has been rejected and abandoned.  These are just a few of the many ways that The Well will think locally about missions.”

Another way they’re thinking locally is through “The Wishing Well” – a rustic bulletin board where anyone can post needs for someone to meet.  These requests can be anything from mission trip funds to needing car to get to work.

If you prefer your service opportunities “venti”, The Well also has a global vision.  As a missional non-profit coffeehouse, any funds collected above operating costs are given to worthy causes like The Living Water Project.  Co-founder Chris Soper explains that “everyone here believes that it’s not about making money.  It IS about taking the money and, like Jesus did with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, multiplying it for God’s glory.”

So if you find yourself in the Nashville area and in need of a good cup-o-joe, stop by The Well.  Tell them they’re doing some good work and they’re doing it … well.

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