Youth Ministry’s New Year

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In youth ministry, back to school really is the “new year.” You’ve got new kids, new volunteers, and a new plan. More so than in January, it feels like a fresh start. And a chance to apply those lessons learned last year.

So in honor of your new year, here are some resources and ideas to help kick things off. Hopefully you’ll find these resources helpful as you turn the page and begin a brand new season of student ministry.

Download a free chapter from “Surviving Middle School”
This book and soundtrack combo is a great way to greet your newbies (and their parents). You can click here to see the complete Table of Contents for the book and go here to learn more about this resource.

Learn more about our theme-based DVDs and resources for must-talk-about topics in student ministry.

Would Jesus Show Up At Your School? Download the PDF
“Jesus was, and is, all about people. His core purpose was obvious: “I have come to seek and save the lost.” What did He mean by “lost”? He was referring to the spiritual condition of people—lost with no relationship with their Creator, lost in purpose, lost in direction, and most seriously, lost forever. Jesus’ heart beat for lost people. Where people gathered, Jesus would show up.

Fast-forward to the present and we can be confident that Jesus, by His Spirit, is
indeed hanging out at, you guessed it, the school campus.”

Artist Drop-Ins
Every Music Video Loop features “Drop Ins” you can add to your video announcements. Here are some of our favorites for setting the tone for the year (click each link to download the file):


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  1. Adam says:

    Bummer. The pdf, “would jesus show up at your school” is not an active link. To bad. I would have liked to read it and see what they had to say. Hope you guys get it worked out!

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