The interlinc Festival Experience

Editor’s note: interlinc staffer Phil Baker was on the team that went to Heartfest in Kansas City, and he wanted to share his experience with our readers.

This was my first Christian music festival with interlinc and it was a blast! It was hot, sweaty, loud and crazy! We had a great time at our hospitality tent meeting youth leaders and talking with some of the Christian artists who were there.  I loved getting to meet and hear from the artists like Red at our talkbacks. Getting to see their hearts really made me want check out their music (if I hadn’t already) or give them a second listen.

Take Skillet for example. I like to rock out as much as anyone, but I usually find their music a little too heavy for my tastes. But after listening to John Cooper share his story and his passion for Christ, I might just listen a little closer to them and share them with some of the kids in my youth group.

One of my favorite moments of the festival was when Jamie Grace came to our tent early! First of all, how many artists are early for something and actually want to just hang out with you?! Anyhow, while Jamie was just chillin’ with interlinc, 8-year-old Jayden came running in screaming “Jamie Grace!  Jamie Grace!” She had no hesitation in running right up and giving her a big hug, which Jamie welcomed with open arms. Jamie talked with Jayden for several minutes.

When she asked Jayden what she wanted to be when she grew up, Jayden replied, “A worship pastor.” This blew Jamie (and all of us) away! “Most 8-year-olds want to be the next Beyoncé or Shakira,” she said. “How many 8-year-olds do you know who want to be a worship pastor when they grow up?” Jayden proceeded to sing “How He Loves” for Jamie and the few people in the tent.

I can’t wait to go to the next festival! Who knows what I’ll see, hear and experience! But I hope I get to share it with as many youth leaders as possible.

Wondering if we’ll be at a festival or conference near you? The best way to find out is in our every-other-week need2know emails … you can sign up here.

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