Millennials + stress = music

I saw this infographic a few days ago on Twitter (thanks to @youthculturerep for pointing it out). The topic is millennials and stress. According to the link:

… a study by the American Psychological Association, Millennials (born from 1979 up to 1993) average a stress level of 5.4 on a scale of 10, the second highest of all generations, only slightly eclipsed by Gen X (born from 1965 up to 1978) with an average of 5.6.

Sounds kind of dull and … well … boring. And it’s not really news. After all, aren’t we all stressed? (As a Gen Xer, obviously I am!) But check out that stat about millennials using music to cope with stress — 60% of millennials deal with stress by listening to music.

Check out the complete infographic here.

This is yet another reminder of the powerful influence that music has on students. It’s something that they turn to at some of their most stressful, vulnerable moments. Their choices are many, but wouldn’t it be great if at least some of the music they play in those moments did more than “relieve stress”? What if it could actually teach and encourage them in their faith?

That’s what great Christian music can do. And it’s why we keep talking about the role that youth leaders can play in introducing students to new bands and new songs. Music plays an important part in students’ lives. Don’t miss the chance to introduce them to new artists and songs that have an eternal message. Who knows? Maybe next time they’re stressed they’ll look for a playlist of music you told them about.

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