Summer Memories

Today is the first day of summer vacation for students here in Nashville. I’ve been out of school for … let’s just go with “a while”. But I can still sense the anticipation in the air. I remember the feeling of freedom, excitement and fun that comes with last day of school.

And then there’s the music.

It seems like no other season warrants its own soundtrack quite like summer does. It’s amazing to me how my brain automatically associates certain songs with summer, and hearing one on the radio or on shuffle always brings back a flood of memories.

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There was the year in college I spent a month on summer staff at Young Life Camp listening to Blues Traveler and James Taylor.

And there was my Hootie and the Blowfish season, the summer before I moved to Nashville.

I remember the summer I started to discover Christian music I liked — Big Tent Revival, dc Talk, Out of the Grey and Rich Mullins.

I even remember waaaaay back to hanging out around a friends’ pool with a bunch of middle school girls (back when we called it junior high), and practically wearing out a Madness cassette on the boom box.

What about you? What songs do you associate with summers past and present? What songs do you hope your students remember from the summer of 2012?

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