7.5 Every Day

Students consume 7.5 hours of music and media every day
Most of that media consumption involves music in one form or another. Songs. CDs. Downloads. YouTube. TV. Soundtracks.

7.5 EVERY DAY is more time than your students spend in class
It’s definitely more time than they spend at church. Stop and consider the impact of 7.5: does the music your students choose to listen to line up with the message of Jesus that you are teaching?

7.5 EVERY DAY is your opportunity
When you make the effort to play a variety of Christian music during walk-in, walk-out or to reinforce a lesson, something will eventually catch their ear. Your kids choose music with their ears, not their heart. When they ask “Who is that?” let them take the CD home. Let 7.5 EVERY DAY work for you, not against you.

7.5 EVERY DAY is why interlinc exists
For nearly 25 years, interlinc has given youth leaders the tools to change students listening habits. Youth Leaders Only is (and always has been) the original low-cost music subscription service for student ministry. We work hard to make sure YLO gives our members affordable music resources because we want to see students embrace the life that God has for them. Not the life that Katy Perry or Lil Wayne sing about.

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