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About Us

At interlĂ­nc, everything we do is based on the belief that music is one of the most powerful forces affecting youth culture today. The quality of Christian music has greatly improved over the last few years, giving those in youth ministry the tools to match secular music. Today's Christian music has not just the quality but also the content to impact students. Given a chance, it can encourage, convict and change lives.

Started in 1983 in the Word Records system, interlĂ­nc assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students. Our mission is to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of your ministry. We do not believe that Christian music should be the foundation of youth ministry. However, students consume 7.5 hours in entertainment media (music,TV, radio, internet) every day. How much of the solid Biblical teaching your students hear once or twice a week is challenged and mocked by the music they hear on a daily basis? You have the unique opportunity to build up instead of tear down your message through music.

Our passion for youth ministry doesn't begin or end at the office door. Many of our staff are involved in youth ministries and come from a long youth ministry background. Being involved on a personal level with students and youth ministries continues to deepen our understanding and passion for what youth pastors deal with in their ministries.

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