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Youth Leaders Only 3.0


Dear YLO Member and Co-laborer in Youth Ministry,

Thanks for trusting us and moving through the change from PHYSICAL to DIGITAL last January. We knew things were moving FAST, but we had no idea that they were moving this FAST.

Our students are into entertainment media more than ever - 9 hours EVERYDAY! They are permanently connected to their phones. The data is clear - 90% of students get their music from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube. Downloads are "old school". CDs are "ancient history." Streaming is "it."

Record companies have moved from digital downloads to streaming. Last year they stopped making CDs available on many youth-oriented albums. This year many of the big labels are no longer making downloads available for us to provide to youth leaders. Good news - not all labels are taking this stance and we can provide some select downloads for youthworkers.

Over our 30 year history, YLO has made the switch from vinyl to cassettes to CDs to digital downloads... and now IT'S TIME to embrace the next generation of music delivery to effectively reach students.

YLO is transitioning to STREAMING and STREAMING-DOWNLOAD HYBRID Formats starting with YLO106!

What does this mean? YLO Select, YLO Original, YLO Works go away -- YLO 3.0 has 2 Formats YLO ACCESS and YLO HYBRID

YLO ACCESS - Streaming of all 60 albums in YLO annually plus all the accompanying resources and playlists
YLO HYBRID - Streaming of all 60 albums in YLO plus Downloads on 20+ of the 60 albums plus all the accompanying resources and playlists

YLO will continue to bring the trusted resources that you have come to expect - the best new music & videos, Bible studies & Youth Group Sessions for music & movies, chord charts, Heart of the Artist articles, worship articles, music comparison charts, youth ministry insights on Christian & mainstream artists to keep you "in the know"... the great new addition will be hundreds of playlists based on our ministry thematic listings that you can immediately share with your students!

We haven't made this change without thoughtfully analyzing the world we minister in and discussing this with many of you our members. We know that these changes have an impact on you and we are adding benefits to your subscription. We want this transition to be better, and as easy as possible for you.


  • Trusted Curation We listen to all the music coming out, identify the best for student ministry, get it to you (make you a VIP-hero with your kids), give you resources to use in your weekly meetings, and provide tools so that you can share it with your kids.
  • 100% functioning digital delivery system which is fully supported
  • Price decrease Now you get all the resources of a Works Membership in a streaming membership for only $99.95 (instead of $299.95) and the same in the Hybrid Format (with 20+ Downloads) for Only $199.95
  • Playlists We will equip you with ministry-themed playlists that you can share FREE with your students. Check out the Addiction-themed playlist.
  • We will offer new releases sooner - no waiting for quarterly shipment
  • You will have a better ability to offer your suggestions through online surveys

Yours for using music & media to share the Good News with digital-world students,

Allen Weed
President, interlinc

PS If you have any questions please reach out to me. We are in this TOGETHER!

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