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God built us with a sense of humor. He Himself certainly must have a sense of humor - just look at some of the hilarious bodies wandering around the shopping mall! We need to laugh. In fact, human beings are the only creatures that laugh. The more carefree your soul, the more you laugh. That's why kids, unburdened as they are by the weight of the world, laugh over 300 times a day. (Compare that figure to the sour, debt-ridden adult laugh-count of around 15 times a day. Yikes!) Since humor is so important to teenagers, we're always on the lookout for videos that will MAKE YOU LAUGH. Check these out!

Stop It Now!

We were with a bunch of teenagers the other day, and couldn't help noticing a group of them huddled around an iPhone, laughing uproariously. What were they laughing at? Yoda's hatred of seagulls! Watch this video, and you'll be laughing too!

What Easter Eggs REALLY Think

Yep, we've scoured that internets for the perfect "Made You Laugh" video to use this week of Easter. This Jib-Jab video takes a different perspective on the whole Easter Egg routine.


A Classic Prank

Even old people can act like middle schoolers – as this video shows!

Best April Fools Ever

April Fools Day is this Saturday, so show this video to your group at your midweek meeting – or even on Sunday morning. Your kids will wish they had a teacher as cool as this one!

What Dads Do When Mom's Not Home

We go to the "throwback" vibe today -- cuz we helped pull a tooth from a 7-year-old, and thought of this classic.

Go ahead, try this at home!

Creativity and Fun at Sonic

You know you want to do this too, right?! Show this video to your group as an illustration of having creativity and fun in any situation.

Spring Forward

Yep, this Saturday night we all get discombobulated because of the time change. Show this video to your group as a hilarious reminder to "Spring Forward"!

Get Off Your Phone

You know the situation – everyone's attention is on their phones instead of the world around them. Seems that your young friends are especially addicted, right? So, they'll probably see themselves in this video – and laugh anyway!

Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear

 It's the ultimate Disney face off! Star Wars meets Toy Story. Your group is going to LOVE this video!

Super Bowl Commercials 2017

 Many people watch the Super Bowl every year – not for the game, but for the commercials. Here's ALL 51 commercials from this year!

We Have Your Back

 The Super Bowl has become something of a national holiday here in the States – and, like any holiday, there will be massive quantities of nutrients consumed on Sunday. So, we went to the way way past for a classic commercial to help you with the results of eating too much. We have your back!

Donall and Conall Meet Richard Dawkins

Donall and Conall have been "cult favorites" of many youth leaders, so we thought we'd introduce you to them. In this "Made You Laugh" video they talk with the famous atheist scientist, Richard Dawkins. Your young friends are gonna crack up while being encouraged and enlightened!

The Epitome of Loyalty

The Cowboys vs. Packers game on Sunday afternoon was the most-watched football game since the Super Bowl. And what a game! The Cowboys came back from a deep deficit to tie the game with just a minute left, and then the Packers moved the ball for a 50-yard field goal as time expired. This fan sure shows his team loyalty, right? This video would be a great illustration if you're teaching about commitment, perseverance, faith within trials, loyalty – that kind of thing. Use it this week!

Basketball: Serious!

Basketball season is in full swing on high school campuses - your group might be able to relate to this hilarious video of learning to play the game.

Water Bottle Flip

The "water bottle flip" game has become something of an obsession with middle school guys, and a bunch of high schoolers too. The guys in this video take the challenge to a whole new level. See how many of these awesome stunts YOUR guys can do!

The Dark Side of Santa

Here's a late-breaking MADE YOU LAUGH Christmas video!  Imagine Darth Vader as Santa - now imagine the chaos that would result.  You, your family, and your young friends in ministry will laugh themselves silly when they see this video!

Taylor Swift Workout

Do you have this much style when you workout?

Drake Working Out

Can you keep up with Drake?

Four Takeaway Five

With semester testing right around the around the corner, your students will bust a gut when you show them this video!

Dug In Real Life

Remember Dug, the lovable dog in the Disney/Pixar movie "Up"?  The folks at Disney have brought him into real life!  Watch, laugh, and share with your group.

It's That Time Of Year

Every year about this time, it happens.  And we're not the only ones who notice - even these Guinea Pigs can tell it's happening!

Tough Guy Meets His Match

Another "tough guy meets his match" video.  If this doesn't make you laugh, we give up!

How Tough Are You?

Even the toughest guys can meet their match in the most unexpected ways. Watch this and see if you can relate!

Olympic Inspired Swimming

For most of us, we watch swimming competitions about once every four years. And yet, the experience changes us in many ways. Maybe you and your students can relate to this video!

360 No-scope Headshot

We're definitely experiencing the heat of summer, and what better way to cool off than with a good old water balloon fight? Our editor, Ken McCoy, displays his mad skillz (honed by decades of youth ministry experience) in this awesome 360 no-scope headshot.

Send us YOUR water balloon video, and if it's better than Ken's, we'll post it!

Jessica's Daily Affirmation

Okay, now you know how you need to start your day. You could even use this video to teach from Philippians 4:13!

Wish Your Dad Was a Filmmaker?

Don't you wish YOUR dad was a filmaker?  Yeah, so will all your students when you show them this video!

Epic Battle of Superhero Theme Songs

It's an epic battle of superhero theme songs! Show this video to your group, and YOU will be the hero!

Shaq Undercover

The NBA Finals are in full swing! We thought you'd want to show your group this video of Shaq going undercover and driving people around as a Lyft driver. You're welcome.

Why Lips Are Necessary

You KNOW you wanna do this! You could even make a game out of it – give a phrase that has to be said by one member of the team and the rest of the team has to understand what's being said. (By the way, there are a couple of "OMG's" in this video.)

Parody of Millennials

This funny parody was intended to introduce a conference session on the strengths, gifts, and abilities of "Millennials: - but has taken on a life of its own since going viral. Do you see yourself in this song?

How Nice Are You To Your Sister?

You've seen those videos of loopy things people say when they're coming out of anesthesia, right? Well this one's way cooler! Two brothers decided to pull a prank on their little sister on the way home from having her wisdom teeth extracted. They convinced her that a zombie outbreak had hit their city. Her reaction was priceless. (Be sure to sternly warn your students about not trying to do this kind of thing to their siblings!)

How to FACE a Volleyball Challenge

You might remember Scott Sterling - the unstoppable Yale goalie who used his face to help his team defeat North Carolina, right? We featured the video of his heroics in a previous Made You Laugh. Well, who knew? He's a two-sport star! This time it's the Yale Men's Volleyball team that comes down to the wire in their epic contest with North Carolina. We know that you have volleyball players in your group, so you should definitely show them this video! (When Armageddon comes, we want to be in a bunker made of Scott Sterling's face!)

Are Your Students Ready For Their Driver's License?

You probably have some kids in your group about ready to get their drivers license. They'll really get a "kick" out of seeing this video!

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