Summer Camp or Mission Trip Theme Songs

The YLO83 Music Resource Book highlights the theme of Summer Camp, so I’ve had camp on the brain. And as I worked to the new Hawk Nelson album this morning, the song “We Can Change The World” caught my ear (lyrics here). I think it would make a great Summer Camp or Mission Trip theme song!

I’ve had a few other favorites over the years, although these probably lean more towards Mission Trip or Work Camp type themes:


“Activate” by Stellar Kart


“Hands and Feet” (duh) from Audio Adrenaline

How ’bout you? What are your favorite camp or mission trip theme songs? Do you have a song picked for this year? What is it? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

3 Responses to Summer Camp or Mission Trip Theme Songs

  1. Great songs!! I would have to add the following:Set the World on Fire by Britt NicoleGreat song, Incredible Lyrics!! Use this alot for our Mission Trips & some of my promotional material for telling my missionary-life stories to people back home!!

  2. How about an oldie, “LIve out Loud! SCC

  3. Newsboys’ “Go”

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