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Make the most of Christmas movies

The holidays are the perfect time for a low-key movie night with your students. But don’t miss the opportunity in the middle of the popcorn and beanbags to shine a light on the true meaning of the season.

We’ve had the chance over the last several years to put together Youth Ministry Resource Guides for three great seasonal movies – The Nativity Story, A Christmas Carol and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’ve shared some excerpts below that might help you make the most of movie night.

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The Nativity Story

You know the Christmas story inside and out. You know the flow of events, the cast of characters, the intimate details, and even the ancient prophecies that foretold it all. You know many of the misconceptions, misunderstandings, and mistakes that many people have about the story. You started learning the story before you could even walk or talk. And every year, you hear the story again.

Your challenge as a youth leader tasked to teach that familiar story to teenagers once every year is to find a way to make the familiar into something exciting, insightful, or even interesting.You need to find something, ANYthing, to bring to the surface the phenomenal wonder and mystery of the Christmas story. (from the introduction to The Nativity Story Youthworker Kit by Ken McCoy)

A Christmas Carol

From Ken McCoy’s introduction: Dickens’ novella highlights a uniquely Christian virtue: self-sacrificial love. An old-English word for it is “charity.” Dickens’ A Christmas Carol not only emphasizes togetherness, reconciliation, and concern for the poor; it is also a critique of the anti-population social planners who speak of “surplus population” and those who believe that “workhouses” will solve the problems of poverty while “prisons” will solve the issues of ignorance.

  • Watch the trailer.
  • Download the Bible study “A Reason For The Season” from our youthworker guide for Disney’s A Christmas Carol

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

I didn’t become a fan of Narnia until I was a father, and I needed something to help the time go by for my three kids as we drove across the country on vacation. That’s when I got an audio version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and was immersed in a world of mythical creatures, talking beavers, and an evil White Witch that kept her world in a perpetual winter. Only after listening to the story (several times!) on that long vacation did I finally get the books and read them for myself.

The Chronicles are classics for good reason: they are wonderful stories that are also morality tales. They entertain as they teach. The language used, and the scenes depicted, are so wonderfully deep and engrossing that the pages just fly by. No wonder so many people around the world know and love those stories. (Excerpt from the Youthworker Kit introduction by Ken McCoy)


YLO Anytime, Anywhere

We’re super excited to finally get to show you what we’ve been working on for the past few months …

Youth Leaders Only membership now includes online access to thousands of Bible studies, chord charts, resources and more. We call it a “digital bookcase” for our members — nearly 30 years of music-based resources to browse, search and download. Check out this video we made to show our members all the cool new stuff they have access to:

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tobyMac (feat. Lecrae): Forgiveness

Download our discussion starter from YLO89 for the song “Forgiveness”

We’ve already talked about the amazing few weeks Christian music has had on the mainstream charts. tobyMac’s “Eye On It” was the first Christian album to land at #1 on the BillBoard charts since 1997 (and that was LeAnn Rhimes).

This new lyric video from tobyMac features Lecrae (who’s album “Gravity” is shaking up the hip-hop/rap charts). It’s another amazing song, but the real power of the lyrics comes through in this simple video presentation:

‘Cause we all make mistakes sometimes
And we’ve all stepped across that line
But nothing’s sweeter than the day we find
Forgiveness, forgiveness
And we all stumble and we fall
Bridges burn in the heat of it all
But nothing’s sweeter than the day,
sweeter than the day we call
out for forgiveness

Read our “Heart of the Artist” conversation with tobyMac

Editor’s Note: I’m going to try to get back in the habit of posting a new resource here each Tuesday. Sorry I’ve slacked off.

Dreaming of a “Good Time”

Guest post by Allen Weed, President of interlinc

Ever had a dream you’ve prayed about for a year or two … or more?
Let me share one that I have had for over 30 years. Wouldn’t it be cool if a believer had a #1 song on mainstream radio and we could work together to use that platform to tell kids (who all know the song and the artist) about a relationship with Christ?

Through an amazing set of “only God” circumstances, we are seeing that dream become a reality. It all started for us almost 4 years ago when a youth worker friend asked me, “Have you ever heard of a band called Owl City? My daughter loves their music and says that the band leader is a strong Christian. His music is blowing up on MySpace”.

I was unaware of Adam Young and Owl City, but walked down the hall to ask some of our youth culture experts. My search went no further than my first office drop in. “Absolutely. Adam is a believer and has written some songs with Relient K’s frontman Matt Thiessen.” A couple of calls later, I was connected with Owl City’s manager in New York City. That began an amazing journey for me and for our interlinc staff. Owl City’s first album became an overnight success and what Rolling Stone Magazine called “the sleeper hit of 2010”.

Fast forward to 2012
After the amazing success of “Fireflies” and a tepid response to Adam’s second album, we as a staff had begun to ask the Lord to give Adam another pop hit. After the record was complete, management and record label started asking THE big question, “What song has the best potential to be a hit on pop radio?” As always it was back and forth and back and forth. All involved felt that the strongest option was the song “Shooting Star” and promptly sent it out to the radio stations seeking airplay. All the while, another unusually impossible idea was bubbling up.

In late 2011 when Adam co-wrote “Good Time” he had the idea that it should be a duet. His manager who is a friend of Carly Rae Jepsen’s manager suggested her involvement. This all happened just as her song “Call Me Maybe” was hitting the pop charts. So many more special details took place leading to the final result of “Good Time” became Owl City’s first single and Carly Rae’s followup single after her huge hit. This type of thing almost  never happens in pop music.

We asked Adam and his manager if they would be down to do a GOOD TIME Event that youth workers could use to open doors to share the Good News with students. They said yes and Adam (while he was in London on tour) did four short videos to give a personal touch to this resource.

Click here to download our exclusive “Good Time” Event guide

Please don’t miss this opportunity
So, there you have it! God has done some amazing things to bring us to this point. I just received a note this morning that the Owl City project is now the #1 album on iTunes and already over 1 million people have downloaded the “Good Times” single.

Owl City’s new “Midsummer Station” is featured in the upcoming YLO89

Our pastor said something once, when teaching about the story of Zacchaeus, that has stuck with me: “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

Every student in your group, every student in the middle schools and high schools that are in your city, almost every student in the entire US …. knows the song “Good Time”, knows Owl City (and Carly Rae Jepsen). Use the “Good Time” Event in your ministry as you head into the fall. Ken McCoy (who has been a partner with me in this dream for over 20 years) has developed an amazing set of “the work’s all done” resources for you to seize this incredible opportunity.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you use “Good Time” to help kids know that there really is only one way to really have a long-term satisfying Good Time:  through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fireflight Bible study and interview

We’ve shared the Bible study for Fireflight’s song “He Weeps” over on our website, where you can also read our “Heart of the Artist” interview with Dawn Michele.  The bands latest album is featured as a main selection in the new YLO88.

You can get Fireflight’s album “Now”, along with the latest from TobyMac and Planetshakers, plus the side-splitting “Humor” DVD all in the brand new edition of Youth Leaders Only … check it out here.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” x2

The number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week is “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye. It’s a catchy song that you’re probably enjoying as much as your students.

(Be aware that there’s a lot of skin … literally … in this video.)

(And just in case you’re still trying to figure out how to pronounce Gotye, here’s some help. You’re welcome).

The song is so hot, it was covered by Canadian band Walk Off The Earth. Their clever video for the song has over 112 million hits on YouTube.

We have 2 different re:tuned discussion starters for the song in YLO88 — one for the Gotye version and one for the Walk Off The Earth song. Our writers took two very different approaches to the song, which gives you a choice … or the chance to talk about perception and how we often see the same things through different filters.

Click here for the Walk Off The Earth re:tuned (PDF) by Jeff Williamson

Click here for the Gotye re:tuned (PDF) by Cindy Engøy

Every edition of Youth Leaders Only includes 8-10 short “re:tuned” discussion starters for some of the hottest mainstream songs. These resources are written by youth leaders to help you use popular songs as a jumping off point for deeper conversations with your students. Click here to make Youth Leaders Only a part of your student ministry.

Jimmy Needham “Clear The Stage”

Jimmy Needham’s newest album “Clear The Stage” is featured as a mild selection in the brand new summer edition of Youth Leaders Only. The study, written by Dave Jones from First Baptist Church in Milton, PA, offers students a chance to reflect on the things that distract them from our relationship with God.

Download our exclusive Bible study for “Clear The Stage”

The summer edition of Youth Leaders Only ROCKS with new music from Fireflight, TobyMac, Kutless, Flame and more! Plus the box features our exclusive Humor themed DVD that includes video from Skit Guys, Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., and others.

You can see the complete preview of YLO88 on our website.


Newsboys “God’s Not Dead”

What a great, clear message for the Monday after Easter! The objective of this study, written by Doug Ranck from Santa Barbara, California, is “to help youth discover again, or for the first time, the new life Christ offers.”

Download the Bible study for “God’s Not Dead” and check it out. It might be a great addition to your mid-week conversation.

Movie Resource: The Passion of the Christ

We were privileged to be asked to create a series of student-ministry resources for The Passion of the Christ movie when it was released several years ago. Each year at Easter we try to make sure you have access to some of these great articles and studies. Below are links for three of the feature studies (PDFs). You can use these along with a full viewing of the movie if you choose, or maybe you just want to use clips from the movie to illustrate the Easter message.

Study: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Study: Who’s Who in The Passion
Study: Feeling Sad for Jesus isn’t Enough

Character studies for “Vice Verses”

Paul Turner is a youth pastor in Alabama, a longtime Youth Leaders Only member, and a good friend of interlinc’s. Paul wrote a set of powerful discussion starters for all 12 songs on the latest Switchfoot album Vice Verses. Each discussion starts with a song and then transitions into a character study based on men and women in the Bible.

I asked Paul to share a quick overview of his studies (since he does it so much better than I just did). And you can click here to download the first 3 of his Discussion Starters from YLO87 for “Afterlife,” “The Original” and “The War Inside.”

PLUS watch the video and download the complete Bible study for “Dark Horses”