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Robbie Maddison’s “Pipe Dream”

You won’t believe this until you see it! And even then, we had to watch it twice. Robbie Maddison made history by surfing his motorbike (!!!) Read the interview on

Watch This: Commercial Jingle Counterpoint

Check out this mashup of popular commercial jingles. HT Relevant Magazine.

Did you see this?

Made You Laugh

“Classically trained beat-boxer” Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Show guest Will Smith prove the truth of “There’s an app for that”. HT USA Today.

Made You Laugh

It’s the most universal of lyrics. The best of the fillers. The one part of the song everyone knows and sings along to.

It’s the “Whoa” … or is it “Woo”? Or “Ohhh”? Or “Ooo” … ???

HT @Relevant for pointing out this supercut mashup of “Whoa-Ooo-Oh”

Made You Laugh

Harlem Globetrotters New York Subway Takeover

How To Do That Whistle That Grabs Everyone’s Attention

HT Business Insider

Video of the Day

Made You Laugh